growing cannabis in a polytunnel

If you live in a climate prone to more clouds than sun, you may want to consider investing in auto-flowering seeds. These will flower in a set time rather than depending on sunlight to spark flowering.

Plants will usually begin to flower around the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Flowering will continue for two or three months till they are ready for harvest.

Whether you’re raising cannabis as a cash crop or just for personal use, you have many options for where and how you grow it. It’s possible to grow pot outdoors, indoors or in a greenhouse or high tunnel.

Growing Marijuana in a High Tunnel or Greenhouse

In many ways, growing marijuana in a greenhouse or high tunnel offers the best option. An outdoor marijuana greenhouse or high tunnel lets you take advantage of some of nature’s benefits, like abundant sun, without having to kneel to nature’s bad side, like frost, storms and deer, rabbits and other pests.

Of course, that means high tunnels cost significantly less than greenhouses. How much less depends on the options you are looking for. A variety of high tunnel greenhouse kits and traditional greenhouse kits are available for purchase. If you are handy and looking to save, you can also assemble your own high tunnel or greenhouse with some basic materials.

Once you have purchased or built your greenhouse or high tunnel, you’ll need to decide where to put it. Generally, a spot with southern exposure is best. This will provide a steady source of growth-inducing sunlight to your plants. You may also want to locate your high tunnel or greenhouse in an inconspicuous spot to deter thieves, vandals and other troublemakers.

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Greenhouse vs. High Tunnel

Like greenhouses, high tunnels shelter plants from the elements. They differ from greenhouses, however, in that they are more passive. Generally, greenhouses provide heat and ventilation through electrical systems, while high tunnels rely on passive ventilation systems for moving air and on the sun for providing warmth.

First, let’s get some terminology issues out of the way. Greenhouses and high tunnels are similar but not exactly the same.

Growing cannabis in a polytunnel

Polytunnels can be warmed whenever required. This enables you to improve the autoflower condition regardless of whether you have sudden ices or stormy climate. It additionally enables you to sprout your cannabis seeds sooner than you may accomplish for outside growing. With a tad of thought and arranging, developing cannabis seeds in a polytunnel can be a protected, secure and pleasurable path for the home-cultivator to act naturally adequate in recreational or medicinal cannabis. Polytunnel developed cannabis is staggeringly powerful when developed from great cannabis seeds. It’s nothing unexpected that more individuals than any time in recent memory are growing autoflower cannabis in polytunnels and getting a charge out of the advantages.

Cannabis seeds and Autoflower Polytunnels

Modern polytunnel producers have watering frameworks set up to rearrange and even computerize water conveyance. In the event that the nursery isn’t in a totally private area, at that point, it may profit by a layer of white concealing paint. This is sold in garden focuses and used to shield nurseries from overheating on the most sultry summer days. For the cannabis cultivator, this concealing paint additionally stops individuals seeing what is inside your nursery, however green plastic plant work and tomato plants have likewise given magnificent spread to numerous ages of nursery producers.

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Polytunnel development of cannabis seeds; Utilizing pots versus planting into the ground directly

Numerous producers of photoperiod feminized seeds routinely collect a few hundred grams, or more, of dried buds from a solitary plant. Plants can without much of a stretch arrive at 2-3 meters tall and similarly as wide. A polytunnel likewise shields your plants from the pre-winter/winter storms. This can enable the nursery producer to grow a more extensive scope of later blossoming cannabis seeds than is conceivable outside.

Growing cannabis in a polytunnel

Above, cannabis growing in a poytunnel is another easy way to grow.

Whats more growing cannabis in a greenhouse or polytunnel is cheap and easy, you don’t need any experience, specialist equipment, lights or electricity supply.

Many greenhouse growers will use slug and snail pellets to protect the plants from attack. Often copper rings (copper collars) around the base of the cannabis plant will help prevent your precious cannabis plants from being eaten by garden pests.

Growing your own cannabis in a greenhouse

7. Buy your seeds from a trusted company

Many garden centres offer ‘Soil testing kits’ which allow you to determine soil quality, pH etc and will also suggest recommended soil improvers. The most successful greenhouse cannabis growers know that a small amount of time spent optimising the soil conditions will encourage outstanding cannabis plants with heavy harvests of potent buds.

These plants can often produce over 1 Kg of cannabis from a single plant. However some cannabis growers prefer the flexibility of growing their plants on containers, this allows them to move the plants if required.

Above, AutoDurban Poison. Automatics grow quickly and are easy to hide in the corner of a greenhouse.

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 Cannabis growing in a greenhouse

Some greenhouse growers prefer to use automatic cannabis varieties alongside traditional photoperiod varieties in order to get a mid-summer harvest. Most photoperiod cannabis varieties are ready to harvest around October in the northern hemisphere, or around April in the Southern Hemisphere.

Varieties like Frisian Dew, Frisian Duck, Passion #1, Durban Poison, Shaman, Hollands Hope, Forest Dream, Trance and Purple #1 are all well proven varieties. Our range of autoflowering seeds are also well regarded and will also do extremely well in a greenhouse.