growing cannabis in 3 gallon pots

If you are taking the recommendation, with a grain of salt, of course, to veg your plants for 6-8 weeks in a 3-gallon pot, then it is recommended to flower your plants for an additional 8-10 weeks.

Cannabis can grow in 3-gallon pots. In the case of cannabis, the rule of thumb is, on average, you can grow one foot of plant for every gallon. If you are okay with only growing a 3-foot plant, then a 3-gallon pot will be just fine.

When you think of growing cannabis, you may imagine a sprawling field with rows and rows of plants; the way vegetables are grown. But if you didn’t have space or the know-how to successfully tend to a larger field of outdoor cannabis plants, you may wonder if you can grow cannabis in containers.

How Long to Flower Cannabis in 3-gallon Pots?

The size of the pot will also impact the yield of each plant. With larger pots, you may be able to grow larger plants, and therefore, yield more in the long run.

Yes, there is potential that your plant will get root bound in a 3-gallon pot. With that being said, there is potential for any plant to get root bound in any size container, except for maybe the earth.

However, experts tend to recommend between 6-8 weeks of veg time.

Growing Cannabis in a 3-Gallon Pot

Cannabis plants are incredibly resilient. They are able to grow in incredible ways and in the funkiest of places. A 3-gallon pot is absolutely one of the places.

You want a larger container so that the roots of your plant can continue to grow happily. Remember, with more root space; your plant will become larger. After the veg phase, you may consider a second transplant for the flowering phase. This second transplant is much less crucial than the first. However, some folks prefer it.

Growing cannabis in 3 gallon pots

I’ve grown this strain several times and the results are consistent. It’s easy to grow and buds come out excellent even in poor conditions. Here’s a closeup of what the buds look like.

Hydroponic tubs can accommodate bigger plants for the container size compared to soil or coco.

Space buckets used to be pretty popular but the yields tend to be poor

Here’s a 600W LED harvest (2 x Electric Sky 300 LEDs) in the same 4’x4′ tent, producing over a pound.


This is beyond the size of most hobby growers

…but you will be rewarded when you do it right!

Small pots (3-5 gallons)

Light Size

If you’re thinking about growing cannabis for the first time, you probably want to know what yields to expect. You don’t want to invest time and money if you won’t be happy with the results.

What’s the maximum amount of weed you can produce with your setup? Discover the answer today!

Growing cannabis in 3 gallon pots

A: There are three types of cannabis — indica, sativa and ruderalis.

Q:What are the dangers for those who grow?

Q:Isn’t hemp a type of marijuana? Can that be grown in a house?

Until 2014, it’s illegal to sell plants to those without a medical-marijuana card.

Q:Then what?