growing cannabis from cuttings

Growing cannabis from cuttings

Clones develop nicely in all types of substrate (Picture: Brett Levin)

How to make cannabis cuttings

3. Apply rooting hormones on the lower part of the cuttings and gently plant it in the substrate you are going to use.

2. Prepare the substrate. If you are using Jiffy pellets, soak them in warm water (pH around 6) for 10 minutes; if you are using rockwool, you should soak them during 24 hours in water (pH=4.5) and add rooting fertiliser until reaching an EC value of 0.60. If you are using soil, just fill the pots or cells with your substrate.

Growing cannabis from cuttings

Your best bet is to take a cutting from a wonderfully healthy mother plant that’s thriving in your neighbourhood.

Why Propagate from Cuttings?

After I harvest, I offer the plant some compost tea or comfrey infusion in thanks. It’s a small act of courtesy and respect, honouring the interconnectedness of all life, with sincere gratitude.

Before You Start…

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