grow your own weed fridge

Grow your own weed fridge

I am sure if you search a little you will find what I am using, Just remember it must be the CREE chip because its far superior to brigelux. I can vouch for it! I use the 100w and it kicks asssssss. very efficient with a build in cooling fan, heat sensor temperature switch that will turn the light off and on automatically if over heating occurs. This specific light also has a built in lens that intensifys and redirects the light in a very effective manner offering amazing output!

7 CPU fan power supply, straight forward.

Obviously the first thing you will need is a complete fridge, I simply scored one with a burned out compressor. I got it from a old lady who had bought a new fridge. She was looking for help having the old one removed, I thought it was a good trade. You need to use your own discretion here, there are many different types of fridges out there and who knows, maybe you not even going to use a fridge. No rules just a little engineering and loads of fun!

9 A simple 12v PC fan to circulate air. Although I have a powerful extractor and suction moving a ton of air through my grow I always feel that a fan circulating and moving air in the enclosure is a good idea. The fan helps stabilize temperature throughout the grow area removing hot and cold spots. Also marijuana benefits greatly from moving air over leaves.

Another important factor with rearguards to the climate in your grow fridge will be the extra CFL’s if you added them. I find them beneficial in cold temperatures as they help warm the environment at a comfortable level as CFL’s don’t get very hot really. I run 1 – 2 extra 120watt 6400k if my plants require special requirements. CFL’s will work great for growing marijuana if used correctly and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise!

Grow your own weed fridge

Okay, good they're gone.

Have you ever wanted to grow pot, but thought to yourself, "I'm too dumb and bad at nature to grow pot." Well, worry no more. Leaf will make growing your own pot idiot-proof. Here's how it works: You plant your weed and put it in Leaf, which is like a mini-fridge, if your mini-fridge was a robot that took care of growing your weed. This is how it works:

First, if you're a cop in a state that isn't Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, or DC; stop reading this. (And if you're a cop, you have to tell me. That's like totally the law, man.)

We live in the golden age of marijuana. One day, future generations will look back at this time the way we look back on the days of the early explorers. Only about weed. Like the Magellan of weed is probably some dude in Denver right now who is discovering that if you smoke weed into your ear, it'll cure cancer. Or at least look bitching. Anyway, the next big thing in weed may very well be this new device: Leaf.

This seems like Back to the Future technology applied to weed, which is to say it's amazing. Unfortunately it's also very expensive. A Leaf unit will cost you $1,500, and won't ship until Summer 2016. But if it does what its website claims it can, it promises a pretty exciting and high future.