grow weed game iphone

How to Play
•Plant, water & trim plants on your custom farm
•Harvest potent strains of sativa & indica
•All new store and quest interface
•Sell goods on the in-game market
•Enter Karma contests to beat the leaderboard
•Sell & trade kush with neighbors & friends
•Connect with Facebook to play with your buds

What’s New

The last update has tons of bugs. Watching videos to earn pot jacks glitches every time and freezes after you watch the video and it returns to the dispensary. I've noticed it cuts you off sooner and you only get 6-12 pot bucks when it does that. Usually you get 18-21 pot bucks by watching the videos.
Also when going to Floyd's List, I will pay coins to recycle the shops so I can see new ones and it will have the same shops as the last cycle. Sometimes the same shop appears several times on one page. If I pay the coins I should get fresh new farms/shops to visit every time.
The new gizmos are cool. But it seems like everything in the game works perfectly except when you try to get pot bucks for free or when you spend coins to recycle promos/Floydslist.
I've had the game for almost a year and I still play it, would usually give 4-5 stars but with the latest update it makes the game frustrating to play.
Also big glitch at the beginning when it starts up, it will tell me there was an error and to restart the game. Never had problems before and my phone works perfectly. Pretty sure it's the latest update that has bugs.

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Grow weed game iphone

Did you dream of having your own farm with cannabis? All your dreams will come true together with the application Weed Island.
At the beginning of the game, you have to grow marijuana on a small piece of land. But in the process of playing, your lands will increase. Now you can set up your marijuana sales company.
Get your own workshops and sell canapés to your neighbors and friends. If you are tired, you can entrust this matter to your assistants, and you only have to observe from the side.

Weed Tycoon is a great game where the humor of developers is well traced. After all, in the game, you will find yourself in a world where it is not illegal to create interesting vegetation. Thus, you can even store and sell the product of your own plantations quite legally, without unnecessary questions. But at the same time, the profit that you will receive will be truly immense. Feel like a real businessman who is not afraid of difficulties, competition and dangerous enemies. Develop your production, set up a sales process to continuously increase your capital. Show all that you are capable of.

The plot and the gameplay

Download this new application, because Weed Tycoon is not just a game, it’s a very unusual simulator that combines different spheres of business: an economic strategy, a cozy farm where you can plant certain plants and take care of them, as well as a store where you can buy necessary seeds for you. Buy land and buildings that can be useful to you in your business. Develop as a manager and a businessman. Feel yourself a true monopolist in the world of economic relations. Laugh at the theme of this game, get a dose of good mood every day.

Red Weed

The goals of the player in this game are the same as in most game farms. First of all, this is the development of our own economy from scratch. The main source of income for the local economy is the cultivation and trade of cannabis. However, in addition to this plant, it will be necessary to grow other crops. The player will have to break the beds, plant plants on them, and build various buildings that will help to earn more.

Pot Farm – Grass Roots – is quite an original application, which can be attributed to the genre of the farm. However, this time you do not have to plant wheat or corn, grow cows or sheep, you will have to establish a legitimate cultivation and sale of marijuana. To do this, you must create a real farm, hire employees and specialists. In addition, for greater coverage of the market, you can bake confectionery, negotiate with medical institutions and of course, just sell.

Weed Shop for Android and iOS devices is a pretty cool app where players have to grow their hemp and sell it exclusively for medical purposes. At first, you store will be empty. It has a special room where you can grow your own varieties of drugs. Water, take care for it and do everything possible if the only hemp was of better quality.

Weed Tycoon

The environment is well developed and done qualitatively. The application is wonderfully optimized, which allows it to work perfectly even on not the most powerful devices. There are several musical compositions. The soundtrack was well chosen.

The modern market does not slumber and relentlessly pleases its customers with new and unusual applications.
Especially for you, we made a selection of 11 best weed game apps for Android & iOS. And only you will decide on which game to stop the choice.