grow station for weed

Grow station for weed

If you want to ensure you never smell your plants when the tent is closed, you’ll also have to connect the exhaust fan to a carbon filter with ducting.

Looking for auto-flowering seed recommendations?

A place to grow weed

If you can’t get both bottles, at least get a bottle of Bloom so you don’t run into deficiencies during the crucial bud-building phase

Each plant produced just under 2 ounces and height was about 1 foot (30 cm) at harvest. Left plant was Critical Jack Auto by Dinafem (unique smell and thoroughly enjoyable effects) and the right was Sour Diesel Auto by Humboldt Seed Organization (classic sativa effect in auto-flowering form). I grew these in my bedroom (didn’t have an available closet) so I kept them in a 2x4x5 grow tent to contain the heat/light. Other than the tent, there weren’t really any upgrades compared to the base supplies list. I didn’t use an exhaust fan and it stayed about 80F (27C) in the tent.

Grow medium (soil, coco, hydro, etc) – Starting at $18

If you’re starting with soil, you may be able to avoid using nutrients at all. Yet if plants use up the nutrients in the soil you’ll start seeing nutrient deficiencies and slow growth. To help ensure the best yields and bud quality, I recommend you get at least a Bloom nutrient (low in Nitrogen and high in Phosphorus/Potassium) for plants that are actively growing buds.

Grow station for weed

If you’re thinking about growing your own weed then you may already be more enterprising than the average person. In this case, you might want to consider building your own grow box.

  • Full spectrum top and side lighting
  • Suitable for soil or hydro grows
  • Unlimited phone and email tech support
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If you’ve ever thought about growing your own cannabis but figured it was too hard, you’re not alone. We’ve all pictured what it must be like strolling out in the back yard between rows of tall, flowering marijuana plants with a satisfied grin across your face, and then just ended up shrugging and ordering from the local dispensary.

Growing your own weed can also foster a newfound appreciation for the intricacies of the plant and how the finished product makes it to the dispensary shelf. You’ll gain an understanding of how temperature can change the coloring of the buds, the role of moisture and heat, and also how important the curing and drying process is.

Do grow boxes smell?

A Pot for A Pot Grow Kit A Pot for Pot features five separate all in one grow kits that cost as little as $34.95 and should have you well on your way to your first harvest. Don’t think of them as grow boxes or grow tents, rather, they’re all-included kits for those who already have a dedicated space for their grow, they just need all the supplies – and a little bit of guidance.

  • Very wide range of accessories and tools
  • Commercial level LED light
  • Includes tools for trimming, drying, and curing as well

With Budgrower kits you can also make your grow scaleable – if you desire. The Dual Power Kit for instance, can be used to grow 3 to 6 plants with double the LED power (1200-Watts), without taking up much more space than the beginner kits (it’s 48 inches wide as opposed to 24, but the height and depth are the same).

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A Pot for Pot

It uses double layered 600D Diamond reflective mylar inside, which the company refers to as “the most reflective and durable material available industry wide.”

For most people, a grow tent will be more than enough to get the job done, and may also have just as many accessories and features.