green crack marijuana seeds

Green crack marijuana seeds

Lastly, the Green Crack strain presents a significant stretch once you induce the 12/12 light schedule. Do not begin your Green Crack seeds indoors until you determine how you will grow your Green Crack crop.

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As you open a sealed jar of Green Crack weed, prepare your senses for a one-two-punch. Waves of ripe mango, candy-like sweetness, and dank skunk quickly fill the air. Once you take a whiff of Green Crack, you’ll never desire anything else.

The Appearance of Green Crack Weed:

Green Cush seeds were originally bred under indoor conditions. As such, Green Crack seeds prefer a Mediterranean climate. Green Crack plants perform best at a temperature range of 70-82°F and a moisture content of 40-45%.

Overall, Green Crack plants grow themselves; however, you will need to pay attention to crucial aspects to manage your garden.

Negative Effects of Green Crack Weed:

Indoors, the Green Crack strain yields upwards of 500-grams per square meter. If you grow Green Crack seeds outdoors, back up the truck for a yield of 600-grams per plant.

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Believed to be born of Skunk #1 and Afghani indica, Green Crack is an ideal strain for the beginner gardener, though these feminized seeds will need to have attention paid closely to them in order to switch from the vegetative stage to flowering. At 18% THC, however, the extra tender loving care is well worth it.

Labelled as sweet and earthy, with a strong citrus note, Green Crack is what you’d consider a daytime strain, its happy high a by-product of its sativa genetics and great for treating stress and depression, while also providing the kind of energy to help combat fatigue.

Nearly balanced at 60:40 (favoring indica), Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds offer the uplifting focused high of a sativa with an invigorating buzz that helps get you through the day, even if the name leaves something to be desired (fans have taken to calling it “Green Cush” instead, to bypass the negative stereotypes).


Enjoy the sweet, earthy flavor of this uplifting strain and find out why everyone’s talking about Green Crack marijuana seeds! At 18% THC, this moderate strain delivers energy and focus, while also fighting off fatigue and depression.

Whether you call it crack or cush, you can stock up on Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds now!