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But growing successful tea leaves and growing good tea leaves are two different concepts.This is good, not only about the output of tea, but also about the quality of tea.This piece of tea is different from the other things, and the division of grades is very particular.It is no exaggeration to say that the value of what is difference between hemp oil and CBD oil good quality tea and poor quality tea can be described by a worldly difference.What everyone didn t expect was that the tea planted by Lin Dalang was not only of good quality.The most important thing is that there are still many new varieties of tea Green Country CBD Oil Reviews How did Lin Dalang grow this new variety beneficios de CBD oil of tea At this moment, the tea merchants are not only happy with the good quality Green Country CBD Oil Reviews of tea produced in the new tea garden, but also extremely curious about Lin Liwen s tea planting technology.As a result, after looking for someone to ask, the other party s answer surprised all these tea merchants.

On the way to Tuntian Sifu Ya, Lin Liwen also saw the tall and strong physique of the local people.At the same time, the wildness that is unique to some Westerners is also coming.It made Lin Liwen and the others look over, and the Ranking Green Country CBD Oil Reviews first impression was that the people here are not easy to mess with.Yang Yue and Zhao Wu also CBD oil cvs near me drove their carriages quietly to Xizhou Tuntian Si Yamen.The structure of the yamen in Tuntian is basically the same, the difference is only in the degree of old and new.And the Tuen Tian Division in Xizhou is obviously a relatively old government office.The yamen guard was illiterate.When he took over the documents handed over by Lin Liwen, he didn t say Ranking Green Country CBD Oil Reviews it directly at first.Until Lin Liwen and Yang Yue and Zhao Wu waited for a long time, when they could not wait for the result, Lin Liwen asked each other with a smile But what s the problem The clerk shook his head and said, I can t read.

You planted cold melons with that Lin Dalang and earned a lot of money A family of relatives will share some seeds for my family next are there differences in CBD oils year Those who sold cold melons The common people who got the money were all smiles during this period of time.But in the face of inquiries from relatives, they were reluctant to give seeds.This 2000mg CBD oil for sale is understandable.After all, the selling price of cold melons this year is so beautiful that they are afraid that they will not be able to keep enough seeds, so how CBD grape seed oil can they be willing to send them out If it weren t for the fear that the cold melon would not be able to be planted again in the coming year without the seeds, I m afraid that even one of these ordinary people would be reluctant to stay.After all, no matter how sweet and juicy the cold melon tastes, it is best CBD oil for pain and anxiety not a necessity for ordinary people to survive. CBD oil for prostate cancer Green Country CBD Oil Reviews

The reason why Lin Liwen was so calm was because the magistrate Wang had already sent someone to tell him that the sage was interested in his cotton planting skills and wanted to announce his entry into Beijing.I just saw on the road that a woman took an object and peeled cotton seeds, but it was related to Dalang After reading the imperial decree, the messenger Green Country CBD Oil Reviews how long does CBD oil stay in the blood system asked again with a smile.It is indeed the object I came up with to strip cottonseeds.Lin Liwen replied.The messenger smiled and said, This thing is very good After that, the messenger explained some things to Lin Liwen, and then returned to the CBD oil manufacturer county office with the magistrate Wang.The imperial decree said that Lin Liwen would leave for Beijing to face the Holy Spirit on the same day, but he still gave Lin Liwen three days to pack his luggage and say goodbye to his relatives and CBD oil only friends. fast does CBD oil kick in for dogs Green Country CBD Oil Reviews

Especially the CBD oil side effects on kidneys Green Country CBD Oil Reviews act of giving it away everywhere, even though Lin Liwen amire naturals CBD oil s original intention was CBD oil capsules high strength to promote chili peppers, but the things belonged to the imperial court, even if the Shuangxian side of the Tiantian Division had no objection, but he was easy to be full spectrum CBD oil tincture Green Country CBD Oil Reviews caught by others.As the villager said, Lin Liwen s pepper field is not for sale, because he has to wait for the peppers to mature before picking them.In this way, the pepper seeds inside can be kept as seeds for next year s planting.Last year, there were not many pepper seeds, so Lin Liwen could only distribute them to the people of Shuangxian County.However, there are still many counties under the jurisdiction of Yizhou, but none of them have been distributed.Although this is the case, the output of Yizhou peppers will inevitably rise sharply in the coming year.

Lin Liwen explained.Aunt Lin nodded in understanding.However, Hunter Lin said firmly I listen to Dalang Not everyone can think of a way to raise and transplant seedlings like Dalang, and plant wasteland better than open Ranking Green Country CBD Oil Reviews fields Just because today Lin Liwen The weak cotton fields that were pointed to the top were the original acres of the Lin family.The cotton seedlings were Ranking Green Country CBD Oil Reviews grown and transplanted in the same seedbed, but after they were planted in the ground, what shocked everyone was that the growth was not as good as the ten acres of wasteland that had been cultivated on the other side of the mountain But when Lin Orion mentioned this matter, Lin Liwen wanted to sigh.Or because of the way people farm here, they lack skills.Such as cotton planting, not only for fertility, 50 shades of green CBD oil seedlings and other reasons, that is, the problem here is very big.

Knowing that they would not be evicted, and that this year s tenancy situation could be maintained as before, the tenants were obviously relieved.It s just that the tenants don t understand, what is the situation of the new tenancy method that Lin Liwen said.If everyone chooses the new tenancy method, you will balanced thc CBD oils listen to me in all planting matters in the village.I will also be responsible for the seeds and farm tools and I will distribute them to you at least according to the harvest of each farmland last year.As soon as these words came out, the tenants were in an uproar.Because it is still dependent on the sky for food, no one can guarantee how much the does CBD oil make your urine yellow coconut oil and CBD Green Country CBD Oil Reviews field will produce this year until the harvest season.Therefore, the tenancy has always been based on the actual harvest in the year to calculate the specific rent, and there has never been such an operation as Lin Liwen.

Bulk cotton And you can see the quality of this cotton, but it best CBD oil for neuropathy in legs s all high quality cotton.Even those shipped from the south in previous years are definitely not as good as the quality of my family s cotton That s the price.Lang Green Country CBD Oil Reviews also told everyone about the cotton price in Jizhou in previous years when he CBD oil hair products taught people to raise seedlings.And also said that they the best CBD oil on amazon were the first batch of cotton to follow the government this year, and this part of the dividend can be eaten.When everyone heard CBD oil edible Green Country CBD Oil Reviews it, they were really excited.When I got home, I talked to my family.The old people in my family asked everyone not to publicize it.After all, the fact that they planted cotton with Dalang has already been envied by everyone.If the words Dalang said were also publicized, it would not be envy, but jealousy and jealousy.

Not to mention, some other villagers who heard the news went to Lin s house and wanted to help.So when the Lin family finished their food and went to reclaim the wasteland, the house was crowded with villagers who said they were going to help them reclaim the wasteland.If there is something wrong at home, the villagers are willing to help, which is definitely a good thing for Lin Liwen.Thank you for your kindness, coming to help my family.Lin Liwen first thanked everyone, and then said Only today, my family can you vape CBD oil Green Country CBD Oil Reviews really doesn t need so how do you ingest CBD oil many people But if you want, you can go with me.Let s take a look in the ground These words can be regarded as poking the minds of some villagers.They took the initiative to come to the Lin family and said they wanted to help.In addition to expressing gratitude for Lin Liwen s kindness for making those useful farm tools, they could not help but want to see how the big man of the Lin family reclaimed the wasteland.

With the arrival of these tea merchants after the spring, the city of Yizhou, which had been deserted for a while, gradually became prosperous.After all, these tea merchant CBD oil for cats calming caravans brought not only good tea business, but also business such as food shops and inns.Guest, would you like to come in and have a look I have all kinds of delicious dishes from Professor Dalang The word Dalang came out, causing the team of tea merchants to stop.The leader asked Is there ice powder and spicy dishes With the popularity of peppers in recent years, spicy dishes have become the general term for all dishes that use peppers as seasonings when foreign businessmen come to Yizhou.That must be there Xiao Er smiled and said, Ice noodles and spicy dishes are our Yizhou specialties Customers go first to the store, sit inside and choose slowly.

As a result, everyone waited and waited, but couldn t wait until Lin Liwen came to deliver melons to them.On the best CBD oil for dog seizures uk contrary, in some shops in the capital, cold melons have begun to be sold.These officials sent their servants to ask, only to know that the melons in the shop were purchased from Lin Liwen s village.Needless to say, the price is a little more expensive than those purchased by Pei Langzhong.Isn t it just a melon, it s so expensive Someone said immediately.Since the store started selling this are dispensaries for CBD oil in florida cold melon, this situation has been common in stores.I saw a smile on the shop owner s face Guests don t know, this melon tastes really delicious, especially after it s chilled, best CBD oil for lupus uk it s like a nectar juice in the throat in the hot summer Straight to teach people to be happy like a fairy When it comes to praise, the ancients can praise best CBD oil products 2018 more than the modern people.

If he doesn t take the initiative to say that he wants to sell the business, let alone those who are in business, even the nobles would not dare to touch him easily.The businessman was stunned.Facing the sugar recipe Wu Liu handed over, the merchant didn t reach out to pick it up immediately.It s really a big surprise, it best CBD oil for cats with cancer s more than just a pie from the sky, it s simply a drop of gold from the sky cbg and CBD oil It s still a piece of gold, the Green Country CBD Oil Reviews kind that can smash people to death For a while, the businessman felt that he must be in a dream at this moment.Otherwise, how could there be such a good thing in the world On this day, according to Lin Liwen s instructions, Wu Liu delivered the candy to the shops that had ordered candy in Zhuangtian before, and at the same time, he also gave away the recipes for making fructose and toffee.

There are few shops in the county, and even the people living in the county are extremely rare.This level of desolation is not even comparable to some towns in the south.In the evening, the inn where Lin Liwen and the others lived was also a house built with yellow clay.Upon does CBD oil help with ocd entering the house, almost all the furniture was covered with a thick layer of dust.The free food sent by the station clerk was a very simple bowl, mixed with many kinds of black faced pancakes, which were made by the local name of gray litou grass.Note 2 The taste in the mouth is unimaginably unpalatable.However, this is not the most difficult thing for Lin Liwen and others to accept.After all, Lin Liwen s many years of experience in going to the countryside made him order people to prepare a lot of durable dry food with him before going out.

I went to the wasteland to check it out today, and Lin Liwen already had a few suitable tools in his mind for the farming tools needed to reclaim these wastelands.Since we are going to go to the county government to register the land reclamation tomorrow, why don t we go to the iron shop to customize the iron parts needed for the new farm tools, and save the trip later.After the drawings were drawn, Lin Liwen checked it carefully again, and after confirming that he had not found anything missing for the time being, he took the newly drawn drawings and took them to the Lin family to see.When the old man Lin took a few new farm tool production drawings handed over by Lin Liwen and looked at it, he couldn t help but ask doubtfully Darang, I look at these drawings, it s not just one farm tool, right It s more than the same.

The businessman is also very Green Country CBD Oil Reviews aware of this, so he is willing to increase his wages.And this situation is not only in the dessert shop, but also in the sugar cane merchants, there is also a sugar workshop At this moment, he also came best full spectrum organic co2 expelled CBD oil to complain Don t mention it, the workers in my workshop have also increased their wages by a lot Not only that, due to the substantial increase in sugarcane production, after Green Country CBD Oil Reviews its Green Country CBD Oil Reviews price fell, the price of sugarcane increased.It also declined, and the profit inside naturally also fell sharply.Therefore, the sugarcane seedlings in this business can only make money by taking the best CBD oil nerve pain quantity.If the quantity is too large, the number of workers needed in the production process will naturally increase, which is a better cost than in the past.At this time, the wages of blue CBD oil reddit workers will continue to rise Hey, this business is really getting worse and worse.

Lin Liwen can think of it, but I m afraid that the Qian family will be panicked at this moment.After all, the Qian family didn t look down on best CBD oil for endometriosis the original owner.If it weren t for the original owner s life saving grace and the reputation of their CBD oil hemp stick daughter, it would have been impossible to get married to the original owner.It is precisely because of the unwillingness of the marriage that after the original accident, the Qian family did not come to the door in person, but only alabama law regarding CBD oil sent this sentence to Lin Lize, who was herding cattle at home.If possible, Lin Liwen doesn t want to marry the Qian family.On the one hand, the original owner s behavior was disgusting, and on the other hand, he didn t want to marry someone who had no emotional foundation.Moreover, this person is only a 134 year old girl.

For example, if a boy is born, how much tax can be reduced or exempted How much tax deduction can be made for having a girl.Anyway, the more you have, the more you can be exempted from.It was because of this that Old Man Lin and Old Lady Lin had two sons and three daughters.And there are many families like them.Until the emergence of a new dynasty, although the imperial court was still very interested in population growth, it did not act like the previous dynasty.Otherwise, Lin Liwen would have been married to that Miss Qian family long ago.But even so, according to the standards of the new dynasty and the thinking of this generation, Lin Liwen s age is indeed the time to get married.After the cotton was picked, the second Lin, who was eager to return home, even called on Lin Liwen, saying that the leather here is much cheaper than their Hengxian County, so it is better to buy more and take it home.

The day off soon passed, and the students returned to the CBD oil and drug test school again.This time back, Lin Liwen continued to lead everyone to practice.There are more than 1,300 mu of land in the farm, and various crops and fruit trees are planted.Lin Liwen also built a farm, where some of the most common livestock Enough for these students to Ranking Green Country CBD Oil Reviews practice one by one.Before these students, in fact, they never thought that the agricultural school they entered would be such a teaching method.In the field of farming skills, this Lin Dalang gave it a lot of joy.But at the same time, his practice teaching is also particularly crisp and compact.Needless to say, this kind of learning method is very hard, but the students do not dare to back down.If you want to know these students, or they are sent by various forces in Beijing behind them, they cannot easily quit.

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Lin Liwen said.The history of rice noodles can be traced back thousands of years.Therefore, best full spectrum pure CBD oil although Manniang has never eaten rice noodles, she has heard of it.The Lin family and the Qian family have also heard of rice noodles, and they came to see after knowing that Lin Liwen was going to make rice noodles.After Lin Liwen made the rice noodles, he ordered Manniang to make it the next morning for everyone to eat.Today, the bowl of rice noodles that everyone eats is a relatively simple and easy to use soup noodles.However, in order to make it taste better, Lin Liwen explained that Manniang used bone broth that had been simmered for a long time.The noodles are also equipped with golden poached eggs, marinated and crispy radish chunks and blanched crisp green vegetables, and finally sprinkled broadest spectrum CBD oil with a little chopped green onion.

Although Pei Langzhong was surprised when he heard best CBD oils it, he quickly gave birth to a sigh that should have been so.After all, those are students from Professor Lin Dalang, how can they not be influenced by him But what Pei Langzhong didn t know was that the students in the farming class were not just like this because of Lin Liwen s teaching.There has always been a large number of official fields owned by the Tuen Tian Division in various places.These many official fields could not be cultivated by the field wardens alone, so many fields were needed.And these Tian Ding are mostly performed by the local people.After all, planting official farmland is not only exempt from taxes, but most importantly, after becoming a Tian Ding in the official farmland, you can also be exempted from corv e labor.

The hawthorn cakes sent by Lin Liwen are good in appearance, sweet and sour in taste, and helpful for digestion, so noble people like to eat them.After businessmen have the recipe in hand, they will promote it in order to pursue profits.So Green Country CBD Oil Reviews soon, the hawthorn cake spread in the capital.It s so strange this year, why is the hawthorn so easy to sell all of a sudden You haven t heard of it yet It was Dalang who came back from Yizhou He gave the merchants a CBD oil massage Green Country CBD Oil Reviews recipe for making hawthorn cake, and they needed a lot of them.Where s the hawthorn Of course I know about Dalang s return I just don t know, it was he who gave the recipes to those merchants Again, those merchants want to make money, they must You have to buy raw materials first.A few days ago, when Lin Liwen bought a lot of hawthorn, some businessmen followed.

The merchant from the dim sum shop sighed.The price of can you vape CBD oil Green Country CBD Oil Reviews cane sugar has dropped, and the prices of some snacks in his snack shop have also been affected to a certain extent.Not sell CBD oil near me Green Country CBD Oil Reviews to mention, there are also some small vendors walking on the streets.This was something that never happened when sugar was very expensive in the past Isn t it The merchants of the sugarcane shop also sighed.The two of them got together like this and complained to each other for a while before the merchants of the sugar cane shop gradually turned back.After returning to the shop, I happened to see many ordinary people in ordinary clothes buying sugar cane.He hurriedly ran into the shop with a smile and went over to help Is the sugar cane sweet this season Of course it s sweet can you add CBD oil to drinks My sugar cane is self produced Ranking Green Country CBD Oil Reviews in the North, and I learned the planting method taught by Lin Dalang There is no sugar cane that is not sweet Come on, you can try CBD oil oral Green Country CBD Oil Reviews it The businessman answered the customer s question with a smile, took the knife handed over by the staff at the right time, and then clicked twice, and put a sugar cane Cut in half.

planting techniques.Like some other common fruit tree planting skills in Xizhou, Lin Liwen also chose some simple and more practical professors to teach Yang Shilang.Yang Shilang studied very seriously, but when he could go home after finishing his studies, he asked hesitantly, Sir, do you only want Ranking Green Country CBD Oil Reviews these Xu Guomu Last winter, Lin Liwen gave him two silver ingots.But two days ago, when Lin Liwen sent someone to his orchard to fetch fruit trees, he only dug a pomegranate seedling and two small pieces of grapevine.This made Yang Shilang feel a little guilty.I m just trying to plant, and these are enough for the time being.Lin Liwen said If there is still a need later, I will send someone to your house to dig it. Then you must come again when the time absolute CBD hemp CBD oil comes.Don t worry, when the grapes are ripe, I will teach you how to make wine.

The two of them were stunned for a while before they responded to Lin Liwen s greeting with a smile.Mr.Lin, good morning.Mr.Lin is going to the morning court for the first time today He never thought that these two would actually know him, and he would know that this was his first court meeting.Lin Liwen was very impressed.Curious Have I met the two adults goudie CBD oil male enhancement before As soon as these words came out, the two people on the opposite side laughed out loud hahaha.After laughing happily, the two shook their heads and said, I ve never met before.Yes, this is the first time we ve met.Lin Liwen felt even more strange.Until one of the adults pointed to his court clothes with a smile, Lin Liwen immediately understood.Yes, he was confused.The court uniforms of officials at all levels of the dynasty are different, and the number of officials who can meet the standard of being able to go to the morning court every day is even less.

Only this time, Lin Dalang did not easily teach the skills of making snow anml CBD oil lab candy to the students, so the students would not know more than just knowing that 500mg CBD oil how mg in a drop it was made of sugar cane.Therefore, the nobles were in pain.While they scolded Lin Liwen secretly, they also put the words that were released before, and they would never let the sugarcane planted by Lin Liwen take out the money in their pockets to the cheeky ones.One by one, they quickly dispatched their servants and went to Zhuangtian to line up to buy snow candy, for fear that they would not be able to grab such good snow candy if they were late.Of course, Lin Dalang s reputation for being stingy has also risen to a higher level.Whoever asked Lin Liwen to send candy is so stingy, the so called small paper bag of candy is really small, but the size of a baby s palm.

Therefore, some courtiers understood at that time, Emperor Yongxing knew about this in advance, and Lin Liwen suddenly appeared in the court today, which also explained Emperor Yongxing CBD oil sacramento ca s attitude towards this matter.But the courtiers agreed, and there Ranking Green Country CBD Oil Reviews were many details to consider.In addition, the specific selection and assessment criteria still need to be further negotiated.For these matters, Emperor Yongxing assigned Sijia Temple to be in charge at the court meeting today, just like last best reviews of CBD oil for wholesaler time.After all, the predecessor of Sijia Temple was Si Nong Si, the earliest field official.Therefore, although Emperor Yongxing did not directly restructure the Sijia Temple, it is clear that the department to which the agricultural officials belonged in the future should be the Sijia Temple.For a period of time balance 1 1 CBD oil after that, the whole Sijia Temple became very busy with the specific regulations of this matter.

Then Lin Liwen called Wu Liu and Manniang, and asked Manniang to take the baskets buy CBD oil memphis of hawthorn to the well to clean up.And Lin Liwen also warned that when cleaning, you need to pick out the bad fruit, and then spread it out with a dustpan until the skin is dry.As for Wu Liu, he followed Lin Liwen s instructions and went out to buy a basket of citrus and some sesame seeds.After Manniang and Wu Liu had finished following Lin Liwen s instructions, Lin Liwen asked the two of them to peel the oranges, and one of them took a knife and slashed a part of the hawthorn in half, carefully removing the nuclei inside.At this time, Lin Liwen took out the bamboo sticks prepared by the tenants in Zhuangzi in the past few days, and brought Manniang and Wu Liu to string hawthorn and is hemp oil the same as CBD Green Country CBD Oil Reviews citrus.Dalang, what are you doing Yaoniang is becoming more and more sticky to Lin full spectrum CBD oil infused brownies Liwen, especially since Lin Liwen has not been able to return to the house together in the past few days, and can you vape CBD oil Green Country CBD Oil Reviews she is still clamoring to find her father at night.

I was dreaming, and at this moment I felt like I was in a dream The faces of the village men who were brought by Jiang Xu to help were even more excited.It should be known that although it is the first batch of deliveries, the quantity is not large.Because Lin Liwen took into account the seasonality of the fruit, he specifically instructed Guo Lizheng to bring the villagers to buy CBD oil driving more and make more.There is can you vape CBD oil Green Country CBD Oil Reviews still less farmland in Shuangxian County, and the villagers can also make time to do things.Except for some of the men who worked for the government and went to cultivate tea gardens, most of the other villagers could come.It is precisely because of the large number that when they set out with Jiang Xu with dried fruits and candied fruit, they were as apprehensive as the villagers.After all, at such a high price, they don t even dare to think about it if they sell it.

Green Country CBD Oil Reviews pros and cons of CBD oil, [CBD avocado oil] (2022-09-09) Green Country CBD Oil Reviews CBD best CBD oil for anixety oil for depression Green Country CBD Oil Reviews.

Is this a person from the Imperial Physician s Office I think he went to Zhuangzi Shang can you get addicted to CBD oil Green Country CBD Oil Reviews to see Lin Dalang I saw that the person sitting on the carriage seemed to be the commander of 75ml CBD oil the Imperial Physician s Office.I sent him over You must know that the Zhang Department of the Imperial Physician s Office has always been in charge of asking Emperor Yongxing s Ping An pulse, and not ordinary people can ask him to see a doctor.It can be seen that Emperor Yongxing really attached great importance to that Lin Dalang.Only one person sighed because of this That Lin Dalang is also, how can he be so timid and unscared If you don t have a beauty, you can take it when you send it Yes, but a beauty.The merchant surnamed Yang thought so at the beginning, and so did Li Mao and the others.They haven t made any requests to Lin Liwen, but they just want to take advantage of Qian s just finished giving birth, and send the beauty over to try it out.

From the point of view of Green Country CBD Oil Reviews the stall Green Country CBD Oil Reviews owner, how could someone like Lin Liwen know what to look for in a cow So at the beginning, the stall owner would speak directly to Boss Lin.Lin Liwen had already looked at all the cows in the inside at this time.After selecting a few targets, he would come closer and observe carefully.While observing these cattle, Lin Liwen also took some dry grass that the cattle stall owner had put aside, and occasionally took it out to feed it.After walking Ranking Green Country CBD Oil Reviews around like this, Lin Liwen pointed at the two calves and asked, CBD oil for seniors Boss, how much do these two cattle cost Xiao Langjun has good eyesight The Lord was not in a hurry to make an offer, but couldn t help but boast The two cows you see are good cows that are close to five months old In April and May, the four pairs of nipple incisors can grow CBD oil from amazon together.

When the weather became milder, Lin Liwen brought the second son of Lin again, and asked CBD oil yield per acre the two yamen to put up an ox cart and take them to the nearest village in Jizhou, which was backed by rolling mountains.After arriving at the place, Lin Liwen first found the local Lizheng and asked him to arrange for the bolt CBD oil review villagers to go up the mountain woman arrested for CBD oil at disney Green Country CBD Oil Reviews with him to dig humus.Of course, Lin Liwen asked the villagers to help dig humus for a fee.Lin Liwen and Lin Lao Er tied the ox cart to the pear tree in front of the Lizheng house, waiting for the villagers who went up the mountain to dig humus to deliver it.For a load of humus, you get five coins.A man picked up a load of humus, and while Lin Lao Er took money and the man, he reported loudly to Lin Liwen, who was sitting at the table and registered with a pen At this moment, the two yamen stepped forward, dumped the load of humus on the open space on the side, and then returned the empty basket to each other.

Now, after the successful trial planting of this batch of Best CBD Oil For Anxiety And Stress Green Country CBD Oil Reviews new breeds, several of the dynasty s prefectures have received new breeds issued by the imperial court.Under such circumstances, even if Lin Liwen wanted to go down to the villages in person, he would not be able to do it alone.Then the villagers heard that the Lin Dalang they wanted to see could not come, and it was inevitable that a little disappointment appeared on everyone s face.But soon, after the officials talked about the advantages of the new breed, such as lodging resistance, the happy look appeared on everyone s face again In fact, there are many places suitable for the promotion of the new breed in the entire dynasty, so Lin Liwen originally chose There are also a large number of active hemp CBD oil official fields for breeding trials.It s just a problem of inconvenient transportation nowadays, and places closer to the capital have been able to get a new breed first.

In the coming year, we will choose good seeds for individual 33 states where CBD oil is legal sowing just like at home.Just like looking at a daughter in law and a son in law, if you want to be tall, you can t just look at the individual, it s better to choose brighton CBD oil the tallest from the family This is their own understanding, and Lin Liwen s original words are The can i fly with CBD oil Green Country CBD Oil Reviews seed is harvested.Good ear, good grain from ear.Before that, although everyone in breeding would select good seeds for sowing, but they were mixed and selected together, and the quality of the seeds selected in this way was not so stable.Note 2 Cultivating high quality grains is destined to be CBD oil for pressure sores a long road, and Lin Liwen s power alone is too small.However, if I teach you some methods that are suitable for this era, with the efforts of everyone, good grain seeds will be available earlier.

Hearing Wu Liu s report ananda hemp CBD oil reviews at this time, Lin Liwen thought for a while, and then gave him some instructions.When Wu Liu ran back again, he and the servants relayed Lin Liwen s instructions just now.That is, Zhuangzi s pomegranates are getting fewer and fewer, and they will soon be best CBD oils not fad gone.So if there is still CBD oil amsterdam demand, you can order pomegranate trees directly from their Zhuangzi Wu Liu also said that these pomegranate trees were grown by can CBD oil help spinal stenosis the adults of his family using pomegranate seeds to grow seedlings.Although it takes a long time to bear fruit, it has been planted in Zhuangzi for three years.So after they buy it back, if they serve it well, they will be able to bear fruit in another three years.This matter was not something that the servants could make up on right away, so they hurried back to inform the master.

Why so solemn.Also because of this, the third day after Yan Yan followed Lin Liwen to Yunxian County, that is, today, the waterwheels were only put biggest CBD oil companies into the river.Accompanied by the speech of the governor Yan in front, a group of yamen worked together to put the prepared waterwheel into the river Everyone saw that after the waterwheel was completely placed, the waterwheel was hit by the water flowing in the river., began to operate slowly.And the speed gradually increased and finally gradually became stable and self running.At the same time, the rushing water flows along the water wheel like this, and the water bucket gradually fills with river water.When it finally turns to the highest point and then slides down, the river water in it flows along the wooden trough to the previously repaired canal.

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Lin Liwen also knew that he could not stay in one place for long, so no matter best vape pen fot CBD oil where he went, he hurry up to do things.Chapter 112 Grabbing People Since the first snow fell, the weather in Xizhou has become more and more cold.And unlike other places, the winter here is extraordinarily cold.When the best CBD oil for yorkies cold wind blows, it becomes even more biting.Therefore, the men who went to the winery to work recently put on ear warmers to resist the cold wind on the way back and forth.And the women who haven t been able to work in the winery have been busy recently.Yu Niang, my mother is going out to listen to school.Today is Xue Da, you take good care of your brothers and sisters at home, don t let them go out to play.The woman put a hat on her head and explained to the eldest daughter in the family.The reason the woman listened to the study was because that Lin Dalang recently sent the yamen to the countryside.

set up.In the end, Emperor Yongxing was not disappointed.This year, the new tea market set up in Shuangxian County has achieved gratifying results.People can you vape CBD oil Green Country CBD Oil Reviews in various regions are attracted by the interests, and the CBD oil testing independent lab number of acres of tea trees and their yields are also gratifying.You know, this year is only the first year.In order to obtain economic benefits from tea planting, it generally needs to be planted until the fourth year before it can begin to grow.Since then, the what is winterization of CBD oil newly planted tea trees can gradually enter adulthood from infancy, and tea picking will also usher in a bumper harvest season.So it is conceivable that next year s tea production will inevitably usher in a substantial increase.Correspondingly, there was a substantial increase in the taxes that the court could collect from the tea trade.

In addition, the means are too filthy, if it is not the necessary moment, they really can t start against that Lin Dalang.For some, future and family interests may be the most important.But for people like Lin Liwen, I still have admiration and goodwill in my heart.Therefore, the farewell gifts given by these officials in Beijing are relatively heavy.At the same time, after knowing that Lin Liwen was about to leave Beijing, many people in Beijing also came to Zhuangzi to see him off.The wrestling of several adult princes in the court is generally not related to ordinary people.However, everyone still remembers the fact that Lin Liwen was frightened and sick before.Now that Lin Liwen is leaving, these people are reluctant to part with him, but they are still thinking about his illness Darang, this is a new medicine I picked up Darang, a relative of my family who has been practicing medicine for generations gave me a new prescription, you can try it out I also have a new medicine CBD oil 1000mg orange zest here.

That s why this planting method is called regenerated rice.Chapter 75 Taxes Lin Liwen came up with the idea of growing regenerative rice because regenerative rice has a great advantage, that is, it has a short growth cycle.The second crop of regenerated rice is re germinated from the plant, which can reduce many growth cycles in the early stage, so its entire mature period generally only takes two months.In this case, if the climate and temperature in Muzhou is not long enough for the growth of two crops of rice, or the seed stability is Ranking Green Country CBD Oil Reviews not stable at this stage, the trial planting of late rice fails But Lin Liwen believes that regenerated rice can grow no matter what And the ten farmers have been more concerned about the ten acres of experimental plots than other experimental plots since they asked Lin Liwen what regenerative rice is.

Those who came along with the county magistrate were not much different.Seeing this, Lin Liwen had a hint of helplessness on his face.For Lin Liwen, castration of pigs is really a small operation.I think that before he crossed the road, he went home to engage in CBD oil sore throat agricultural planting, and he also raised many pigs.The one time I remember castrated pigs the most, Lin Liwen castrated more than fifty or sixty pigs in one day, so technically, he has absolutely no problem.As for anesthesia, it is generally not used in modern pig castration.Especially this time the castrated is a boar, just use a small knife to make a slit on one side, and then squeeze each other with your hand, and the castration of the pig is complete.For Lin Liwen, the only thing that needs attention in the whole process is hygiene.

But when spring comes, the feeling is different after all.Especially the freshness that is unique to spring.When Lin Liwen moved, Yang Yue, Zhao Wu and Jiang Xu naturally followed quickly.There are many mountains and forests in Yizhou, and there are many kinds of natural plants.Lin Liwen soon found a fresh and fat bracken in the mountains, and he also saw a few wild toon trees with their first stubble shoots.It s still 300mg CBD oil for arthritis pain red bud toon wood CBD oil periodontal disease Yang Yue said in surprise.Toona sinensis is the most tender with the first stubble buds, and the red buds have a stronger Green Country CBD Oil Reviews fragrance.The people of the time also ate toon, and as early as thousands of years ago, they had the habit of eating toon.Even in the vegetables that the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis were given to the royal family, there were also toon And toon, a vegetable, is also polarized in word of mouth.

In addition, the others are not worse than Jingxian.After all, Lin Dalang was from their Linjia Village, and they were the first to learn farming.The pigs in our village are famous throughout Muzhou and Fuzhou The villagers also boasted.And Aunt Lin now loves to hear everyone s praise of Lin Liwen, so the more she listens, the brighter her eyes become, and the Ranking Green Country CBD Oil Reviews more energetic she is when chatting with the villagers.The villagers also like to listen to Aunt Lin talking about the things that Lin Liwen has benefited other villagers.More and more like to talk to Aunt Lin.So in the twenty or so days since Aunt Lin returned home, except for the first few days, I Green Country CBD Oil Reviews spent a good time with everyone in the Lin family.The rest of her time was either 250mg CBD oil uk showing off and complimenting Lin Liwen in can you use CBD oil Green Country CBD Oil Reviews the villagers homes, or walking on the way to the villagers homes Then Green Country CBD Oil Reviews after such a period of time, someone in Lin s village was still having a deep exchange with Lin Xiaogu.

When they ran out again, almost every man was holding a hoe, a rake, a long samarium sickle and other dry farm implements.Thank you all.Lin Liwen said hoarsely.Dalang, come into the room and rest said the man earlier.As he spoke, two old men came out of the crowd, one after the other, holding Lin Liwen, and they were about to bring him into his house.Lin Liwen was worried about Yang Yue and Zhao Wu at the moment, but also for these men who helped him.Don t worry, Dalang, our men from Daxi Province have nothing to fear Someone said.Yes, what are you afraid of It s just a fight Let s go, hurry up Don t call those Donghu people to bully Dalang on our territory This place in Xizhou , folk customs are indeed sturdy.You must know that the men here have dared to engage in violent disobedience 40000 mg CBD oil several times due to dissatisfaction in the face of some decrees issued by the imperial court, and this is why Lin Liwen would come to the village to ask for help.

However, he did have other things to do today, and since he was going to court on his first day, Qian Xiuxiu would definitely miss it in his heart.So Lin Liwen should have gone back earlier.Lin Liwen saluted and said goodbye to Wei Langzhong, put the documents back where they were, and rushed home with the notes.Just as he expected, Qian Xiuxiu had been at home looking forward to his return.Seeing that the person finally came back, Qian Xiuxiu opened her mouth and asked a series of concerns Is Dalang tired from the morning Are you hungry Are you thirsty Do you want to drink some water Lin Liwen pointed at her gently.A smile Everything is fine today.Qian Xiuxiu was relieved.After affordable CBD oil capsules helping Lin Liwen to take off the official uniform and top hat, Qian Xiuxiu told him about the matter According to your instructions, today I have asked Wu Liu to send things to some officials in the workshop Lin Liwen smiled and nodded Okay.

Right now, the yield is terrifying.If this can increase the yield, Well worth it Master Xu just imagined this in his mind, and his whole body was so excited that his body trembled a little.That is to say, the cotton fields of the Lin family have not been picked yet.Otherwise, cannaverda CBD oil near me Master Xu could not wait to get on the ox cart and rush to the county government to inform the magistrate Wang In contrast, Lin Liwen appeared much calmer.After the cotton registration was completed, Lin Liwen smiled and said to Master Xu and Liu Yashou The whole family was overjoyed to receive the award from the Holy One yesterday So I will kill a pig tomorrow and entertain the villagers I also congratulate the master and the The messenger will have dinner together.Old man Lin proposed to kill a pig to serve as a feast for the whole village.

Or when phosphate rock powder is added later, if you want the two CBD oil business plan to quickly fuse and decompose, it also requires high temperature.Therefore, the fermentation tank used for fermentation was also designed by Lin Liwen.Although the peasant masters of the Tuntian Division did not understand these chemical reactions, they strictly followed Lin Liwen s instructions.When the phosphate rock powder was placed in it for about half a month, they followed Lin Liwen s instructions and took out the contents of the fermentation tank and placed it in the sun to dry.The finished products of these sun dried products are organic phosphate fertilizers with high phosphorus content that can meet the alpha vr1 receptors CBD oil requirements of Lin Liwen.Note 3 Knowing that these fertilizers were successfully made like this, those farmers who are good at it also think it is quite simple.

Lin Liwen couldn t bear the needs of the people in the entire county alone.But if it is up to Zhujing County to take it slow, it means that the people here still need to live a hard life for a few more years.Therefore, Lin Liwen sent a letter to Inspector Cui Xiu Shu when he had just decided on the rectification plan for Jingxian County a few years ago.In the letter, Lin Liwen suggested to Governor Cui that the government in Jingxian County could hire some local people to open CBD oil glass jar with lid up wasteland for farming.The people can obtain silver money ageless labs CBD oil from it, which can be used to purchase agricultural tools and grains needed for their own farming.And the common people can also learn various planting techniques when they are farming for the government.On the official side, because there are many more people who open up wasteland to farm, the output of official best CBD oil for diabetes land will inevitably increase this year.

That being the case, this time I will reward Lin Dalang with blue sky CBD oil reviews a thousand taels of silver, and the Lin family with 300 acres of high grade fertile land The ministers said in unison, Sacred Lord Shengming Emperor Yongxing, whose attitude changed greatly, just listened to the words Sheng Ming in their mouths, but did not take it to heart.After the disbanding of the dynasty, Emperor Yongxing are castor oil and CBD related only exchanged messengers, rewarding a few ministers who he valued more with a piece of regenerated rice.After all, such a good Green Country CBD Oil Reviews rice should be tasted by everyone On the side of Muzhou Fucheng, Lin Liwen and Cui Shishi, who are in charge of the trial planting and trial planting assistants, also need to taste the can CBD oil help restless legs taste of these rice grains, and they have to taste it before handing it over to Emperor Yongxing.So just when Mr.

He even said That Lin Dalang s attitude is so arrogant, he must have found another backer The real backer of the merchant surnamed Yang was Li Mao, the grandson of Li You, the county magistrate.Li Mao was also very angry when he heard this.To know that his family s status is willing to make friends with him, most people are flattered.Besides, Lin Lin Liwen is not in vain anymore.The imperial court stipulated that ordinary people were not allowed to take concubines, but such as Lin Liwen, an official of the fourth rank was allowed to have one wife and two concubines.So from Li Mao s point of view, they just tried it out and sent a beautiful woman to Lin Dalang.Lin Liwen doesn t like women anymore, but according to regulations, when there are vacancies in the house, Lin Liwen shouldn t be so ignorant.

While Concubine Shu was worried and worried, the female official finally saw the Fifth Princess and other group of people who came with Green Country CBD Oil Reviews her concubine with joy.As soon as Concubine Shu heard the voice of the Fifth Princess outside the door, she immediately stood up from her seat.At this time, she didn t care about any etiquette, and trotted towards the door.For a mother, even if Concubine Shu enlightened her daughter before marriage, 100mg CBD full spectrum oil she was actually very worried about the marriage.Now she just wanted to take a good look at her Yue er s state after she got married.So she saw her daughter, and she looked really good.She also saw the appearance of the new concubine Concubine Shu s expression mixed with joy and worry was still hanging on her face, but at this time it suddenly stopped, and her expression gradually became stiff.

It s delicious It turned out that Aunt Lin brought something home that day, although it was seen that she was deliberately showing off, but the two inches of fat really shocked everyone.Especially after the Liu family tasted it, the two old people of the Liu family couldn t help but sigh If our family can also have the skill of raising pigs like Dalang The descendants will not have to worry about it in the future.But in the end, it was the two old people who sighed in private, and didn t take it to the daughter in law of Aunt Lin.But he never thought that Liu Dalang, who was ignored by the two old people, listened to this matter.Liu Dalang is still young at this moment, and he doesn t understand what future generations should worry about.But he knew whether pork was delicious or not.After meeting the piglets in the pigsty today, Liu Dalang s first goal in life came to him.

But fortunately, everything was safe.Lin Liwen also saw Qian Xiuxiu s concerns at a glance, but what he didn t tell Qian Xiuxiu was that he felt that Zhang Shuling might not have really found out about his performance during the pulse detection.As for Emperor Yongxing At the court meeting the next day, a Censor Zhongcheng stood up and talked about Lin Liwen s frightened illness this time.More importantly, according to this matter, this imperial censor participated in Li You s book.It is said that the majesty of the Duke of Dao, a merchant surnamed Yang in the capital, just because he clings to his grandson Li Mao, made him dare to openly intimidate the can u travel internationally with CBD oil Green Country CBD Oil Reviews important ministers in the court as a merchant The minister is willing to ask the Holy Master to thoroughly investigate this matter, so Green Country CBD Oil Reviews as to lead the way After the Censor Zhongcheng said aloud, he bowed and prayed.

Yes, although I am better than him in terms of knowledge, but that So what The person who was summoned to Beijing was Lin Liwen, not CBD oil for sleep uk them in the end.And these people, although they can you vape CBD oil Green Country CBD Oil Reviews are sitting in this school, but no one dares to boast, they will definitely be able to get the title in the future, and the sky will rise.Luo Wulang listened to the words of his classmates, and his heart became more and more angry, and he began to try his best to refute with everyone Even so, Lin Dalang is just a shortcut by relying on some strange tricks And the master also said that he is just a small path after all., it won t last long It s a small way, I m willing said a student.These words made Luo Wulang angry enough, and his face flushed You, you are willing to degenerate How can I be depraved The student is not weak, so he doesn t Convinced retort It s good for me to wait for diligent study, but it is not known whether I can get a title in the end.

Later, the family had more fields and more grain, so when building a new house, they built a separate warehouse for storing grain.In order to better store grain, the Lin family had made certain considerations in the construction of this house in terms of waterproofing and ventilation.Grain seeds also have their own separate storage place.According to Lin Liwen s request, old man Lin took him to the place where grain seeds were stored, pointed to the two piles in the middle and said to him, The pile on the left was picked from the most productive paddy field this year.The pile on the right These piles were picked from the early maturing fields.Two years ago, benefits of CBD oil after birth Lin Liwen taught old man Lin the cultivation method of sowing CBD oil autism adults good ears, harvesting good grains and then single harvest and storage, and planting alone.

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As a result, on this day, most of the officials in the capital who could read their grades received herbivore emerald CBD oil review eggs sent by Lin Liwen.To be honest, when the wives of those officials heard the servants report this, they were all in a trance.You said that Lin Dalang brought a basket of eggs to our family When the officials heard about this from their wives, they were also shocked.The ladies were busy and said, It s a basket, but there are six eggs in total.Three of them are eggs, and three are duck eggs.The officials pondered Could it be that these eggs have other secrets They are gold or silver.made eggs It is not without such a possibility.In the buy natural CBD oil drops past, when some people asked for their own affairs, in order to keep secrets, they would make a little disguise on some Green Country CBD Oil Reviews gifts.Among them, best method to remove thc from CBD oil Xie Langzhong, the head of the Department of Personnel CBD oil cartridge refill near me Examination, thinks so most, because Lin Liwen has just returned to Beijing from the local area after he has made a great contribution, and is waiting for the critical moment when the Examination Department will assess his merits and demerits.

Well, he also wants to eat the pork CBD oil for german shepherd raised by Lin Dalang.When the Lin family Green Country CBD Oil Reviews said it was done, they did it.Old Man Lin took Lin Liwen to the village to inform everyone one by one.Old Man Lin went to Liujia Village next door to call Aunt Lin s family, while Old Man Lin put on his own bullock cart and went to the county 1000mg CBD oil 60ml town to pick up Ergu Lin s family.That afternoon, Lin Ergu and Huang Shucheng were brought to the Lin family with their three children.Because Aunt Lin was so close, she and Liu Baotian benift of CBD oil arrived in a hurry early the next morning.In addition to the two children, there were also two elderly people from the Liu family.After the Liu family members came, they didn t treat themselves as outsiders.When they saw that the Lin family needed help with anything, they immediately ran to help.

After these three ultra cell CBD oil amazon fertilizers are prepared, Lin Liwen then asks everyone to Ranking Green Country CBD Oil Reviews apply them into the paddy fields according to a certain proportion, which is the best base fertilizer formula that is suitable for growing rice today.After the paddy field is well fertilized, it is time to sow.In this era, people sowed rice seeds directly into fertilized seedlings after seed selection, and then waited for the seedlings to grow, and then took them for transplanting.Just doing this, in Lin Liwen s view, the seeds have not reached the ideal germination rate, and there will be uneven best CBD oil for insects warmer phenomenon when the seedlings emerge.So after the seed selection, Lin Liwen took the ten good farmers and started to do some treatment to the seeds.The first step is still to select the seeds, but after the selection, the seeds must be dried.

Under normal circumstances, if there is no important matter, Lin Liwen almost never enters the palace.So sometimes, Emperor Yongxing also felt that Lin Liwen was quite self aware, at least when it came to being an official, he was really not good at it.However, Xu Shi saw too many people who could be officials, but Emperor Yongxing actually liked Lin Liwen quite a bit.Furthermore, although Lin Liwen could not be an official, he always satisfied Emperor Yongxing in his work.As predicted by Emperor Yongxing, Lin Liwen then talked to Emperor CBD oil edible Green Country CBD Oil Reviews Yongxing about broad spectrum CBD oil tinctures birmingham al his purpose of entering the palace this time.Lin Liwen said My minister, I beg the Holy One for one thing.After hearing this, Emperor Yongxing looked at Lin Liwen with very calm eyes.Lin Liwen didn t directly say what it was.Instead, he first told Emperor Yongxing what he had seen over the years when he was in charge of planting certain crops in various prefectures and prefectures.

Then she hugged Lin Liwen s legs, raised her head, opened her round eyes, and stared curiously at what Lin Liwen was holding in his hands.Everyone in the Lin family also noticed Lin Liwen, Boss Lin, and the big green skinned melon they were holding in their hands.Is this the cold melon ripening Madam Lin asked, Didn t you say that it will only ripen in the first ten days of next month Most of the melons will not ripen until the next month, but there are some that ripen earlier.I saw it in the field, so I picked three of them and came back to try.Lin Liwen said with where to order CBD oil a smile, and then freed a hand to touch the small bun on Yaoniang s head Today I will cut cold melons for my Yao family.Mother eat.As soon as I heard that there were cold melons to eat, everyone came to the spirit.I heard about how delicious, sweet and juicy this cold melon is, so I can try it out today, said the second son of Lin happily.

asked.It s not that they haven t met some masters, and they will give some items to the workers who work outside.But to be honest, there is no one else who rewards eggs.And the reward is so stingy, one person gives six.I don t know, that lord Ranking Green Country CBD Oil Reviews only said what is this called Jinyu Mantang The man replied.The hall is full of CBD oil for dogs canada gold and jade The shopkeeper was even more surprised when he heard it, and then sighed As expected of an official, even if you give some eggs, you have to choose such a nice name.The man said before This name It sounds good, but isn t it still eggs and duck eggs Who cares, it s all for nothing.The other man said with a smile.The store owner also laughed That s right.After all, it was the owner s home who couldn t even afford to decorate his own house, so he couldn t expect too much from him.

But in my village The uncle s house also has tea of this quality If the can i fly with CBD oil in the united states guests still want it, I will help you call can you vape CBD oil Green Country CBD Oil Reviews someone to fetch the tea The merchant frowned How long will it take If it takes too long, he can t wait.After all, the quality of this villager s tea is not the best.Moreover, his amount is too small for a tea merchant who has come all the way to buy it.At the moment, there are still many stalls in this tea market.He has not yet looked at them one by one, and he cannot be willing to spend all his time waiting.Just a moment, just a moment After the villager said this to the tea merchant, he turned his head and shouted at a place behind him Second Uncle Seventh Uncle Bring your tea There are guests who want to buy it.Following his shout, an answer soon followed Come, come This is coming Your uncle in the village can you vape CBD oil Green Country CBD Oil Reviews is actually selling tea here The tea merchant was surprised.

For a while, some villagers were a little unacceptable.It s just that dissatisfaction is dissatisfied, but the villagers still have no courage to are there restrictions on selling CBD oil directly confront the government.My lord, the price of this pork has risen a little today.Rong Niang, who returned from shopping at the grass market, told Lin Liwen like this.Lin Liwen didn best green roads 350mg CBD oil review t take it seriously at first It s okay.Who knows, Rongniang continued Sir, the dishes next to it have risen a bit today.Lin Liwen heard that something was wrong, so he looked at her.It was the first time that Rong Niang age requirement to purchase CBD oil did this kind of thing, and her face was a little red at the moment Then, the villager who sold it told me that now everyone who enters the grass market has to pay the city tax, so things also need to be paid.It s a little more expensive.Lin Liwen heard this, and was silent for a while, and then asked, You don t think you should pay taxes Rong Niang This, this is not a town market.

However, before the two of them could speak, there was a loud noise outside.Because there are also people outside who have abdominal convulsions and vomiting Chapter 115 Poisoning In addition to the bursts of vomiting, there are also many conversations that they can t understand.The sudden situation outside was beyond the expectations of Yang Yue and Zhao Wu.But it is undeniable that this is indeed the best time can you add CBD oil to lube for them to escape.Taking advantage of the Green Country CBD Oil Reviews fact that best price full specrum CBD oil the people outside hadn t noticed them for a while, the three quickly came to the horses in 2o gallon CBD oil price the dark.Sir, hurry up, get on the horse Yang Yue whispered.Cut the horse with a knife Except for the horses that the three of us want to ride, the rest that can be chopped will be chopped down Lin Liwen reminded.Lin Liwen knew very well that, with the number of Donghu people, even if there was some trouble now, Yang Yue and Zhao Wu would still have to carry a burden like themselves who didn t know how to kung fu, so the odds of winning were not great.

She looked around and asked, Why are you the only one who came back Where are Erlang and the others It seems like Don t mention it Because our family s Erlang is married, and he looks good, many gentlemen are vying for Erlang, saying that they want to recruit him as a son in law What Erlang was not taken away, right Lin Liwen, who just got the news, hurried back from the farmland asked.If it wasn t for what Wu Liu said just now, Lin Liwen would have forgotten that there was still coconut oil and CBD Green Country CBD Oil Reviews a son in law under the list in ancient times.Moreover, in the original plot, Lin Lize, the original male protagonist, was directly appointed by Emperor Yongxing CBD oil for seizures Green Country CBD Oil Reviews to become the tanhualang after his good appearance, and he also gave the princess the marriage.So he looks good like him, and he was admitted to the Gongshi examination at the age of 20.

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