gran champagne seeds

Pink Champagne marijuana can range in THC from 15% to 22% at its height, and the indica-dominant hybrid features an initial rush of euphoria that melts into tension-relieving relaxation from head to toe. Patients have discovered that Pink Champagne marijuana is ideal for coping with depression, anxiety, and symptoms of PTSD, as well as reducing muscle spasms and chronic pain like headaches, cramps, and joint pains.

With emerald green leaves and buds that show up in flashes of purple and pink, Pink Champagne marijuana is easily one of the most attractive strains on the market, only made further appealing by its mouthwateringly-sweet flavor/aroma profile and body-centric high that envelopes consumers in relaxation and happiness.

Erupting in bold colors and flavors, Pink Champagne marijuana will put a bounce in your step as it soothes tension and pain. Resistant to most common diseases and pests, this indica-dominant hybrid strain is ideal for beginner gardeners.

Pink Champagne marijuana seeds produce plants more on the shorter side that can be easily accommodated indoors or out. The plant is also naturally resistant to common pests and diseases and, fast to flower with dense buds, provided with lots of light and regular pruning to encourage air circulation, even beginner growers can revel in an average to above-average yield of aromatic, effective marijuana.


Cannabis connoisseurs can revel in the complex aromas of Champagne Kush marijuana. The strain comes over with floral notes and hints of sweet and sour grapes. Its flavor is also reminiscent of the effervescent drink, sweet and sugary on the tongue, with accents of berry, grape, and hash.

Its ability to relieve stress and anxiety has led to Champagne Kush marijuana’s reputation as an effective medicinal strain, though it’s also been called upon for qualities that can control nausea or stimulate the appetite.

When it comes time to celebrate, you could pop bottles, or you could light up a little Champagne Kush marijuana.

Strongly redolent of the bubbly beverage of the same name, Champagne Kush (sometimes k


nown as the champagne of weed) delights consumers with its buzzing head high and giggle-inducing euphoria. Accompanied by a measure of relaxation, Champagne Kush marijuana only features about 15% THC – its ideal for beginner consumers and those looking for a day-time strain that will help encourage more relaxed and enjoyable social interactions.

A toast to Champagne Kush marijuana seeds – bubbling euphoria-driven effects and an easy-to-grow plant are ideal for beginner gardeners with refined taste in cannabis.

The appeal of Champagne Kush marijuana seeds only continues into its cultivation – this strain is quite easy to successfully grow, and beginner gardeners will have no trouble encouraging the sturdy, resilient plant to produce 10 ounces per square meter when grown indoors or 16 ounces per plant when grown out. Unsurprisingly, Champagne Kush marijuana plants prefer a Mediterranean climate that is warm and dry with plenty of light, and either soil or hydroponic medium.