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Citrus Sap From Crockett Family Farms and DNA Genetics, Citrus Sap is a hybrid cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Tangie. Growers can expect high yields, heavy resin production, and a sweet mandarin orange aroma, as well as a high calyx-to-leaf ratio. Its flowering time averages between 65 to 70 days.

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Well, the plant itself, of course! The Gorilla Glue seeds are iconic amongst cannabis collectors as the plant’s trichomes are renowned for producing a thick, juicy, sticky resin. This sap-like resin truly oozes from the plant, so much so that legal growers often find themselves replacing gardening scissors often. Now for those new to the world of marijuana, understanding the importance of sticky weed is somewhat confusing. Briefly, resinous buds tend to be of higher quality. They contain a more diverse and complex cannabinoid profile, often resulting in the user experiencing a potent and exceptional high. In other words, this puts the Gorilla Glue seeds at the top of its food chain when it comes to quality and experience.

The trend of purchasing autoflower seeds continues to sweep across the cannabis community. Unlike feminized cannabis seeds, autoflower seeds do not rely on the light cycle to flower. Rather, they begin to flower once they reach a certain “age” or maturity. For this reason, it’s been reported that most auto-flowering Gorilla Glue strains tend to remain short in stature and are thus best suited for indoors. At Seed-City we stock a wide range of Gorilla Glue auto-flower weed seeds readily available to avid cannabis collectors. Some of our more popular strains include:

We’ve all heard of cannabis connoisseurs talking about the famous Gorilla Glue seeds. No doubt, this weed strain is quite loved for its deliciously indulgent flavor and pungent gasoline aroma, but what else makes it unique?

According to online breeder reports, Gorilla Glue seeds can thrive both indoors and outdoors. Generally, this weed strain will begin to flower within 8 to 9 weeks, where its harvest period begins mid-October. The breeder reports suggest that the Gorilla Glue is a heavy plant, usually producing a modest harvest ranging from 18 to 21 ounces per plant. Breeder reports show that the plant itself remains relatively easy to cultivate and does well in a warm and sunny environment.

The Flavor Profile Gorilla Glue Weed

Cannabis collectors far and wide have all heard about the iconic Gorilla Glue seeds and for a good reason! This great strain first made noise by winning the cannabis cup in Michigan and Los Angeles in its very first year. Since then, this marijuana strain has won tons of awards over the last few years. In 2018, it won 1st place in the Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup for most THC. And in 2017, it won 3rd place for the best hybrid at the Karma Cup 2018. Now there are many varieties of the Gorilla Glue, most often a 50/50 hybrid . However, some varieties may lean more towards either Indica or Sativa. For example, Gorilla Glue #3: is an Indica dominant hybrid that reportedly leaves its user with a body-buzzing high. In comparison, the #4 variety is a 50/50 hybrid which the producer says leaves users with a euphoric and relaxing high. Regardless of which strain is chosen, the Gorilla Glue seeds are of exceptional quality and consistency, which is why collectors prize them.

The GG#4 strain has a high THC concentration, often ranging from 25% to 30%. And, as her name suggests, the Gorilla Glue strain has been said to literally glue its user to the couch! The GG#4 is a weed strain not meant for the faint of heart. Her potency is intense, leading to an incredible evolving high. Apart from being incredibly cerebral high, reports show that users may experience bouts of ecstatic euphoria, giggles, and moments of energy surge. Now it’s not going to result in a body-buzzing high, but it does put its user into deep meditative relaxation. For this reason, couch-lock is a common experience reported.

Reports suggest buds from the Gorilla Glue will produce a distinctive pungent aroma that can really stink up a room. Breaking buds belonging to the Gorilla Glue weed strain releases a pungent perfume of diesel coupled with earth and chocolate notes. The flavor profile of Gorilla Glue seeds is comparable to its sweet perfume. According to online reports, the Gorilla Glue weed strain emits a deeply indulgent flavor. The buds radiate a dark-chocolate flavor with sharp notes of citrus, spice, and diesel on the surface. The flavor gradually evolves, leaving an earthy, spicy aftertaste.

What are Gorilla Glue Autoflower Seeds

Gorilla Glue #4 is perhaps one of the most famous and widely popular weed seeds amongst cannabis collectors. While most Gorilla Glue strains tend to be a 50/50 hybrid, the #4 variety leans more towards Sativa, altering the effects a user may feel. The history of the #4 strain is somewhat a mystery, but it remains widely accepted that the strain shares strong genetics with the Chem Sis, Chocolate Diesel, and the Sour Double weed plants.

Apart from its exceptional plant quality, Gorilla Glue cannabis has become well-known for its quality nugs. Morphologically, the Gorilla Glue flower buds a sage green flower covered in a generous layer of trichomes. Buds of this plant tend to be dense in trichomes (aka those little glands that produce resin). The trichome dense buds ooze sticky, sap-like resins, which can literally glue fingers together.