goo seeds

Goo seeds

The weed has the following flavors: berry, coffee, fruity, sweet and the effects can best be described as: calming, energetic, euphoric, happy, relaxed, uplifting.

About this strain

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Pinkman Goo effects

Pinkman Goo by Twompson Praeter is an unusual flower with a fascinating mutation. While the genetic background of this strain remains unknown, the seedstock was discovered by Praeter’s sister, hidden in an Altoid container behind a stove. Pinkman Goo earned its name from the resinous drops that develop on the astoundingly pink flowers during photosynthesis. This mutation has been said to raise the THC content by up to 4% compared to buds without it. Keep an eye out for Pinkman Goo from CaliCropDoc.

Goo seeds

Once you get your hands on the Pinkman Goo strain, it’s time to grow one of the most rewarding cannabis strains of all time.

The Pinkman Goo strain emits an aroma of sweet nectar, berries, and floral overtones. However, Pinkman Goo doesn’t reek like its parents and is ideal for stealth growers. Once you indulge your taste buds, you will experience ripe berries, dark-roasted coffee, and sweet lemon candy.


Grow Difficulty: Moderate
Harvest: 8-11 Weeks / 12 Weeks
Yield: 400g/㎡ / >500g/plant
Height: Up to 4 feet/ %gt;4 feet
(*Indoor / Outdoor)

If you grow Pinkman Goo seeds outdoors, make sure the environment has warm nights. If you grow Pinkman Goo seeds indoors, you must raise the nighttime temperatures to ensure an optimal “Gustation” climate.

Effects of Pinkman Goo Weed:

Surprisingly, the adverse effects of Pinkman Goo weed are few and far between.

An average of 18% THC and a CBD level as low as 0.1%. The resin drops will increase the THC level slightly with a maximum of 3%.

The effects are both relaxing and uplifting. It will leave provide a blissful and meditative state with euphoric feelings and happy thoughts. You may say that PG is a very balanced strain on that matter. As you will get into a typical Indica high, it is best to be consumed in the later hours of the day.

Pinkman Goo was originally created by CaliCropDoc (United States) where the founder had found some precious seeds behind his stove. He grew those seeds and it happens to be the most rare and unique strain. Pinkman Goo seeds derived from a cross between Granddaddy Purple x Grape Ape x Northern Lights #5, this where we decided to create our own version which doesn’t devalue the uniqueness of Pinkman Goo. It is one of the most extraordinary strains available and that is why we have researched a lot and bred our version of the Pinkman Goo feminized seeds the best we could. After 2 years, we may state that the genetics of our seeds are so close (if not equal) to the original strain!

Fruity grape and berry aroma taste. With some hints of coffee, it gives it a round flavour.