golden soda seeds

Golden soda seeds

Also known as Barba di Frate, Salsola Soda, and Roscano, Agretti is an annual with long, chive-like foliage. It is very popular in Italy and has become the latest trend in high-end Italian restaurants. When mature (50 or so days) Agretti is a 45cm wide, 60cm tall bush that looks like a huge chive plant or rosemary plant. Flavour is a bit bitter, a bit sourish. You can just braise them in some olive oil with garlic and serve as a side dish. You can also boil them and dress with olive oil.

This seed is only available in Italy in Autumn and must be sown promptly within the September-January planting window in the Southern Hemisphere as the germination rate falls off rapidly.

Plant from spring through summer, when soil temperatures reach about 18 degrees. Soak seeds overnight before sowing. Sow and cover with 1cm soil. Space seeds 10cm apart. Thin to one plant 30 apart in row or raised bed. Germination time: 7-10 days. Start cutting from the plants when they are about 20cm tall. Cut the green tops or sections of the plant; it then will regrow. 10 gram packet contains approximately 330 seeds. Minimum germination 65 percent but seed germination falls off rapidly with time and I can offer no guarantee of success. I will plant a bed and report back.

This sought after unusual vegetable has been imported only twice to Australia. It is very seasonal in Italy, with planting in the Northern Hemisphere March to July (September to January here) and harvest June to October (December to April here). I recommend that you plant it as soon as possible, preferably as soon as received. The seed may not be viable for more than 6 months.

Have a look at the second half of the video below for information on growing Agretto.

Topping out at a whopping 23% THC (and its lowest is roughly 14%), even this auto-variety of Golden Ticket marijuana is one of the most potent on the market – you’ll feel like you’ve won the lottery! A heavy sense of euphoria will bust any feelings of negativity or lethargy, leaving you pumped and primed for a productive, creative day. Although it’s effects are intense, bare in mind they are slow to set in. Beginner consumers should take their time so they don’t become overwhelmed. Eventually, the indica genetics of Golden Ticket take over, soothing tension and stress.

We’re sure with his sweet tooth satisfied, grown-up Charlie would prefer to find Golden Ticket marijuana seeds, a potent 50/50 strain with a citrus sweet aroma that energizes the mind and soothes the body.

If those effects don’t make you feel like you’ve struck gold, maybe its fragrance will tip the scales – sweet and tangy with strong notes of lemon and lime, Golden Ticket is distinctly refreshing on both the nose and the tongue. Sweet and sour are underscored by hints of skunk, but it’s a citrusy, earthy aftertaste that lingers after you exhale.


If Willy Wonka were a purveyor of weed, you can rest assured his “golden ticket” would be pretty similar to Golden Ticket marijuana, a delicious 50/50 hybrid that has a heavy-hitting and intense cerebral high that may have you seeing Oompa Loompas.

Golden Ticket marijuana seeds develop into relatively tall plants, but plants that are quite happy to fit their surroundings. Ideally suited to methods like Sea of and Screen of Green, Golden Ticket is easily manipulated to encourage the growth of more budding sites for a fatter yield. Combine that with its sturdy structure, and you have a recipe for an easy grow, even for beginner gardeners. Eight to 10 weeks of flowering and your greeny-yellow buds will be ready for harvest.

Golden soda seeds

4. Form into a rectangular loaf and pop into a large greased loaf pan.

3 tbsp. (45 ml) butter, cut into small bits

Every year I find a few things that got buried and need to be used up, sooner rather than later.

1½ tsp. (7 ml) salt

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2 tbsp. (25 ml) pumpkin seeds

1½ tbsp. (22 ml) flax seeds

If you don’t have all the seeds I mention above, consider substituting chia seeds for one of them or just double up on one. And if you don’t have buttermilk, don’t despair — adding a spoonful of lemon juice or vinegar to regular milk will create buttermilk in mere minutes.

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I always find the start of a new year to be a good time to reorganize cupboards and pantry.

1 cup (250 ml) all-purpose flour