gold skunk haze seeds

Gold skunk haze seeds

Perfect for chilling with frie…

As you receive a powerful cerebral experience, Skunk Haze is potentially useful for people suffering from a mood disorder. It is also possibly effective against stress and may even improve your quality of sleep. Its potency also ensures it is called upon by individuals with chronic pain from conditions such as cramps and muscle spasms.


Its potency means you should approach with caution. It causes a raft of sensations almost immediately after use. If you’re not used to dealing with strong marijuana, it could enhance feelings of anxiety or paranoia. Even if you are a seasoned cannabis user, consume a small amount, to begin with, before gradually increasing it.

With a moderately high CBD content, Skunk Haze also has medical potential. There is a separate CBD Skunk Haze, which offers a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. It allows you to use cannabis without receiving a strong intoxicating high.

Medical Benefits of the Skunk Haze Strain

When growing indoors, make sure your plants receive plenty of light. As Skunk Haze can grow thick, it is good to trim the plant as the foliage becomes too dense. This strain also grows well when you use the Screen of Green (SCROG) method. This involves building a screen above your plants. When they start to grow through the screen, tie down the branches.

Gold skunk haze seeds

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If you've smoked, dabbed, or otherwise enjoyed this strain, Gold Skunk Haze, before let us know! Leave a review.

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Gold skunk haze seeds

Tim Alchimia 2019-08-12
Hi Don, thanks for your input. What you say definitely ties in with theories that the skunky smell came from the Afghani side, although I’ve ever heard of Skunk being a 100% Indica. Maybe I’m just an optimist but I refuse to believe that these things are gone forever, either some old school farmer out there still has the genetics, or the “Skunk gene” is out there hidden in some landrace Afghan seeds, just waiting to be rediscovered. Thanks again, all the best and happy growing!

We could also highlight the Early Skunk from Sensi Seeds, a hybrid especially suited for outdoor crops, and Shark Shock from Mr. Nice, a cross between Skunk#1 and the popular White Widow.

Skunk from Sensi Seeds

The origins of Haze

C 2020-07-09
Skunk.. Original skunk came from a mountain in Arkansas in the 70s I know for sure its origins and will say no more other than the confusion about where it came from involves someone cultivating it in creeks from Mississippi to Michigan.. He was the first person to ask 20 for a gram and everyone told him he was crazy. Untill they smoked some..

wes 2017-12-13
An after thought. Who at home harvests rain water and makes it safe for the family drinking instead of using tap and with it the additional poisonous chemicals? Who grows all their own food and isnt kept alive by a giant supermarket chain who poisons the food? It all comes down to the landless who for generations have accepted government interference on a global scale. The tree that produces free food lives on land stolen by the state and its all paid for by tax (theft).

Tim Alchimia 2021-08-16
Hi, thanks for your comment and question. I’m no cannabis historian but everything I’ve read points to the first hybrid being Skunk, as a cross between Colombian Gold and an Afghan Indica. For obvious reasons, the true history of these varieties and their creation is clouded with many inaccuracies, mistruths and contradictions, but one name that comes up a few times (apart from Skunkman Sam, of course) is that of “Jingles”, who some claim created this first hybrid in 1969 before passing it on to the Sacred Seeds collective, who later added Acapulco Gold to Skunk’s genetic mix. I’m afraid that’s the best I can do, I hope you have success in fitting the pieces together, please let us know how you get on! Best wishes and happy growing!

The origins of Blueberry

Despite this fact, the parents used to create the Skunk#1 were different from one year to another, so slight differences could be found between different phenotypes. An example of this is the renowned UK Cheese Exodus cut, found in a pack of Skunk#1 from Sensi Seeds back in 1988 in the U.K. The unforgettable smell and taste of this phenotype made it a true classic in the global cannabis scene.

Dutch Passion also offers other lines developed from Skunk genes, such as Ultra Skunk, Euforia or Orange Bud. As we mentioned, almost all seedbanks have at least one Skunk-based strain: Greenhouse with Lemon Skunk, Kiwi Seeds with Kiwi Skunk, Female Seeds with Skunk Special or Elite Seeds with Bestial Skunk.