gelatoband seeds

Gelatoband seeds

All tracks written by Triaxis. Except ‘Death Machine’ and ‘End of Time’ written by Triaxis and Owen Crawford.

AFTER assessing a Birmingham-based Alternative/Grunge act, thinks are getting heavier…

and more… Welsh. In addition to (this being my first Welsh act) it is my first Metal review: surprising it has taken me this long (over three years essentially). The genre is one that can be quite divisive: people either (passionately) love it or (violently) hate it. Strangely, I am sort of in-between: I am a huge fan of Judas Priest and Metallica; a little virginal when it comes to other acts- I need to investigate the genre more closely. A lot of Metal acts- particularly ‘90s-originated ones- were fairly hit-and-miss: a lot of knuckle-dragging noise was being produced. Metal is at its finest (when the act making the music) is intelligent and nuanced- not just people who turn up; make a hell of a noise- with no regard for quality and inspiration. Unless you listen to Daniel P. Carter (Radio One D.J.) or his ilk, Metal is not often heard (in the mainstream): it is a genre that is primarily exists in the underground. The public still has a very narrow/cliché perception: many associate (the genre) with screaming and thrashing- and not a lot else. It is a shame (this is the assumption) as Metal musicians are among the smartest out there: capable of producing some truly incredible music. Sure, there is a lot of noise; a tonne or force and riffage (sic.)- a firestorm of fury and passion. These are qualities associated with (a lot of genres) yet Metal gods (and goddesses) turn it up to 11: take that passion and crank up the volume. Triaxis hail from Wales: a country synonymous (with great) Metal bands. Bullet for My Valentine, Funeral for a Friend and Skindred (are among the country’s best). Expunging the likes of Lostprophets (and their depraved lead singer) and you have quite a roster-Triaxis can rank among (Wales’) very finest. Having been recommended by a friend (Haris); I am glad I have discovered them- the band are among the most impressive new acts coming through. Before I go into more detail, let me (via their own words) introduce them:

Gelatoband seeds

Being a woman is harder in so many ways – though, that doesn’t mean male artist don’t struggle, too. We’re in an amazing time with so, so many strong, talented and interesting female artists. To be honest, I hate having to divide the genders at all: an artist is an artist. If you write good songs and work hard it will show! The one problem might be not getting the right support.


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9th January, 2017


Stations: Hoxton Radio; Beats1

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