gasoline dreams seeds

Gasoline dreams seeds

The highest quality was in mind when creating the OG Kush Autoflower R5 cultivar. After starting this project in 2008, she’s finally come to fruition. I wanted people to be able to grow and smoke an autoflower without losing the typically stronger and more complex qualities of her photo-period cousins. Although she may not be quite ready to win a cup . she’s close.

(Lilac Diesel #22 x Pluto Auto)

Some defoliation in flowering is expected; she’s aggressive and big but still stacked and compact.

Qualities and Effects: Beautiful and vibrant flowers with a hybrid, relaxing effect.

Piña Auto RBx2

*(Zkittlez x Purple Punch)

Flowering Time: -9 weeks

Black Cherry Soda x Cherry Maduro x Mandarin Sunset

OG Kush Autoflower

• Yield: 60-80 grams/sq ft

Yield: Absolute monster

Gasoline dreams seeds

Once they returned from their desert ramblings, the pair passed lyrics back and forth as Natalie honed the music. A week before she was set to record the new album, the arrangement magically fell into place. Like the rest of You Wanted To Be The Shore But Instead You Were The Sea, “Gasoline & Liquor” was recorded in an old Californian chapel with a single microphone and features long-time Lucinda Williams sidekick – Doug Pettibone – on pedal steel.

In making a video for the song, Natalie turned to the other ‘Wild West’ – that of her home state, Western Australia.

“As soon as I saw the sign and said to my husband, ‘that’s a song – but it’s a man’s song’,” Natalie recalled. “I then told him, ‘you’ve gotta help me write it!’”