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Don’t let the spaced-out name fool you, the Galactic Jack marijuana strain can actually help users stay grounded. This sativa-dominant hybrid (70/30) is the ultimate daytime strain as it suits the lifestyle of many 9-5 workers and students. With a little help from Galactic Jack, workers can meet their deadlines and feel more focused and concentrated. Galactic Jack produces a happy high with subtle energy. It won’t leave you bouncing off the walls. This type of energy is more productive and organized.

Because of its high THC levels (around 26% on average), Galactic Jacks works instantly to help you go about your day. It’s often used as a “wake and bake” strain to help consumers get out of bed and wake up. Really, it works better than a cup of coffee to jumpstart your brain and cognitive function. The most common places to find Galactic Jack are along the west coast in Washington, Alaska, and Oregon — but you can find Galactic Jack marijuana seeds right here as well!

Don’t let the spaced-out name fool you, this sativa-dominant hybrid can help promote focus, productivity, and concentration. Galactic Jack marijuana seeds offer the perfect daytime strain for getting work done at home or in the office.


The only downside to Galactic Jack is that it may trigger negative side effects when over-smoked. These symptoms include cottonmouth, red eyes, and paranoia. Beginners should monitor how much they’re smoking in one sitting as it’s easy to go overboard. Besides that, growers will love Galactic Jack for its citrusy aroma that blends grapefruit and lemon.

Galactic animal seeds

DISCLAIMER for the “Steps to follow” topics: With the addition of DIFFICULTY SETTINGS this guide may not work on all settings. The Guide has been written for EASY mode. There is more than one way to survive even on harder planets. But, as stated above, this guide is written as a best practice, which will work in most of all cases. If you advance in your player skill, you may find different and maybe even better solutions.

Second: Important Hotkeys are..


In the meantime, you should have reached level 3 with ease. Time to spend some XP.

Open your inventory (I) and move the following items from your inventory to your toolbar via drag & drop


In a final step, we will now create all the blocks necessary for a fully functional base with some storage and defense. Because the survival constructor cannot build those, we need to activate our base. This will call in the drones sooner or later, so we need some more firepower, but first things first.