free medical marijuana seeds

Free medical marijuana seeds

How do I confirm state residency?

On November 6, 2018, 65% of Missouri voters approved Constitutional Amendment 2 as Article XIV Section 1 and gained the right to access medical marijuana.

You will receive a confirmation email immediately and can speak with qualified compassionate medical marijuana doctors today.

The DHSS accepts many conditions, the final decision is up to your medical marijuana doctor.

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How do you qualify as a medical marijuana patient in Missouri?

In June 2019, the Missouri Department of Health (DHSS) began taking medical marijuana patient applications.

The DHSS accepts a Missouri driver’s license, Missouri identification card, a Missouri motor vehicle registration, or a recent Missouri utility bill.

What are the qualifying conditions?

Free medical marijuana seeds

This is legit! And they all popped within 24 hours. Wow, what a lovely thing this guy does. God’s work, really.

New free cannabis seeds harvested on 10/1/21…..100% germination should be a slam dunk. Be aware there will be some immature seeds included, but most should also be viable. You will find about 20 seeds in each of these orders.

Codi – May 28, 2021

These seeds come from the same genetics we sell, so


I received my seeds faster than the time frame I was quoted. I did customer services for a # of years and the practice of “Under promising and over delivering” is very good way to create loyal customers. This 1 of the rare occassions where something that’s sounds 2 good 2 be true us actually true. With an exception, and it’s not a big deal breaker, I got 19 seeds (not 25-30). Less than $1/seed is unheard of anywhere. You cant beat the deal. I will be ordering some of premium seeds soon.

raymond.jefferies (verified owner) – February 5, 2021

I’m not sure what the big Sativa was actually. It was supposed to be an auto flower. I grew it out in the summer in my greenhouse. It got 140 degrees Fahrenheit in there! I was working too much at the time to take care of her well, I just poured the water to her and she flourished! She would have been 10+ feet tall outdoors. And, grown for bud she would have produced 3-4 lbs.I was totally impressed with her. I have grown some of her seeds out and gotten other phenotypes, so not sure what she had going on genetically. I’m glad you like her.

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Super deal going for anyone looking for a variety of awesome seeds. Shipping was lightning fast and ordering was very easy. I got 25 seeds and only paid for shipping.

Hi this is J, I ordered some seeds from you and got some free seeds. I have finished with the autos thank you and have 4 4 foot standards here going to flip soon. They have been in veg since April and were planted in early March. Wanted to ask you- what is big Sativa looking but with a lot of dense branching that has 7 points and what has 5 points? I?ll send you some of the nugs. Please let me know.