free feminized cannabis seeds

Free feminized cannabis seeds

Competitive customer desk

The seed bank’s customer service seems to be lacking, though. They are slow in answering customers’ queries, which can be a bummer if you want your issues tackled quickly.

These generate dense buds, hence, solid yields. Some of them are mold-resistant. And some will grow well in many different climates – whether indoors and outdoors.

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What We Like

And their simple e-commerce layout makes for hassle-free navigation.

If your order exceeds $300, it will be shipped free of charge, which can save you money in the long run if you’re a regular bulk-seed buyer. Otherwise, you’ll pay $10 for any orders below $300.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Any State?

High delivery success rate

Nevertheless, Quebec Seeds is one of the best online seed banks that offers discreet delivery.

Dutchfem is the best Dutch cannabis seeds company founded by experienced Dutch seed growers in the Netherlands. Available are autoflowering seeds, which bloom automaticly and after 8-9 weeks result in a plant that’s ripe for harvest, or medicinal CBD seeds for comercial licensed hemp growers. All Seeds are feminized, so customers would not need to remove any males when trying to keep the females. The plants are free of both parasites and pesticides, while high quality is emphasized by the company.

Order marijuana seeds from your favourite cannabis seeds bank, and receive FREE cannabis seeds, Grinder, Lighter, Smoking Paper, FilterTips, Boveda, Easy Start Plugs, Pen, Cap and a Dutchfem T-shirt with your purchase!