frank’s gift seeds

Frank's gift seeds

Genetics: Franks Gift X Franks Gift
Flowering time: 55 Days

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Map of the Franks Gift S1 Family Tree

This is our selected CBD rich Skunk Haze in S1 form in an attempt to pass on high CBD genetics. There are High CBD phenos to be found, but not every pheno will be CBD rich.


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Frank's gift seeds

It has been a crazy couple of weeks here at The Guild. Our brother Frank has relapsed again and has started Chemotherapy. I needed to find a high CBD plant that was also rich in THC. We were finding tons of 1:1 in the low ranges and some nice 18:1 that but still fairly low in total percentage. We needed to get him as much medication at a time as we could. I asked the universe for help, but when trying seeds and clones (from well meaning people) that have no tests on them it is a process of growing them out, getting them tested, and hoping for the best. This girl was a seed. When growing out a CBD strain that is considered CBD rich you have a 1 in 4 chance of actually growing a plant that has any CBD at all. I had my room in tester mode at that time, growing out a bunch of supposed high CBD strains. When I grow testers I like to keep them in smaller pots and run them short and bushy. This girl did not even complain a bit. She grew nice large arms, dense buds, nice skunky lemon smell, finished quickly at 63 days. She was pretty, too pretty to be high CBD. I would of bet any of you at that time this plant was a high THC pheno. Some of the other plants had that airy, larfy, pencil shaving smell I have come to expect from high CBD phenos so I felt confident that I had at least one in the bunch. Then came the shock of a lifetime.

So here we are. I will post the tests down below for anyone to look at. We will be open with anyone who needs information about our CBD projects, plants we carry and how to access them. This plant and all CBD strains are gifts from nature and need to be shared openly. Keep yourself tuned into our Facebook page, here on the blog or on our website for upcoming information about two other very exciting strains coming soon (they are off being tested as well but these ones have pedigree). We are going to help the fight to get medical cannabis into the hands of all true patients of the OMMP and hopefully someday soon everyone. Our family has been blessed by this plant and we feel that it is one of the most important medications in the world. Any help you would like to give to our project would be loved, please contact us at [email protected] to find out how you can help!

Basic / Breeders Info

Franks Gift is an indica/sativa variety from Oregon Microgrowers Guild and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±55 days ) and outdoors . Oregon Microgrowers Guilds Franks Gift was never available as seeds (It’s a clone-only variety!).

Oregon Microgrowers Guilds Franks Gift Description

In prepartion we have created a new facet to The Growers Guild called CBD Oregon. CBD Oregon exists to help get patients access to high CBD medications from a full plant extraction using Sub Critical Co2 extractions. From personal testing we have found that co2 oil is the cleanest way to produce the high potency oils for treatment. We have had another blessing befall us. There was no way without going insanely into debt that we would of ever been able to afford a co2 unit. They are very expensive. A man named Tom came to us and wanted to help us. I had never met him before. With his huge heart and amazing compassion he has offered to get us the extractor that we need to make this oil. His kindness is unmatched. We owe him so much and his gift to us will be a gift to so many other people. CBD Oregon will have free clones of all of our high CBD strains available in the upcoming weeks and months. Patients who need it will be able to access this medication. It is a huge deal and we could not be happier. We get to help so many more people now, and that is all Frank, Debra and myself wanted. All of my crew at The Growers Guild and Oregon Microgrowers Guild have been so supportive and done so much to help us do this. Without their help we would not be here. Special love goes out to my growing partner Chris, he is amazing.