flowers that grow like weeds

Flowers that grow like weeds

Annuals that reseed themselves can make gardening easier, but some soon try to bully the rest of the plants.

Another problem ornamental is calendula, Goodspeed says. They resemble marigolds in color and size. Again, that first year they perform admirably; but in subsequent years they become a real nuisance. The flowers fail to open as nicely, and the plants are more prone to die out early.

In my opinion, some ornamental flowers are weeds once they are planted,” says Jerry Goodspeed, Utah State University Extension horticulturist. “Since most annuals are hybrids, during their first year they look great. However, in the following years they lose the genetic characteristics that made them special, and most revert back to their plain, old boring selves. There are four annuals on my hit list.”

Flowers that grow like weeds

Hi Natalie! Good to hear from you. Really all native plants have their place in the ecosystem, so . . . if you like the look of them, why not nurture them? All the best to you! Jill

To grow Queen Anne's Lace, scattering seed is best. Like milkweed, it has a taproot and doesn't transplant well.

Some weeds are more useful than annoying. They are easy to grow and can add visual appeal while attracting pollinators to your yard.

How to Grow a Calamondin Orange Tree Indoors or Outdoors

Swamp milkweed grows wild in sunny spots along waterways. It also grows by our rain barrel, where it appreciates the occasional overflow.

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