flora grow chart for weed

Flora grow chart for weed

However, the nutrient schedule that comes with the series is a little strong for most strains of weed and should be considered the maximum amount of nutrients.

A good place to start is at half of their recommended doses.

The General Hydroponics Flora nutrient series is easy-to-find at any hydroponics shop, most gardening stores, and definitely can be found online.

One of the easiest, most reliable, and cheapest nutrient systems that work great for growing weed is the General Hydroponics Flora Series.

But if you don’t want to figure it out for yourself, I’ve created a guide specifically for growing marijuana with this nutrient system..

Flora grow chart for weed

In this post we’re going to take a closer look at their Flora Series chart, which can be used in soil, coco, aero and hydroponics. You also have the choice of sticking with the basic nutrients or using extra additives with their basic and expert charts.

Base Nutrients

Silicate by GHE, previously known as Mineral Magic, is an additive rich in silicates that increase branch thickness and strength in cannabis plants. It also increases microbiological life in their substrate, which makes for a great mini ecosystem that your plants can benefit from. It also adjusts pH and EC in your nutrient solution, which makes sure that your plants can absorb as many nutrients as possible.

Diamond Nectar

This is one of the most important products when it comes to this chart, as it’s used during the last two weeks of the flowering period to flush out your plants roots. This is done so that they don’t end up tasting strange due to leftover salts or minerals. It cleans out your plants and the substrate over a couple of weeks. If you don’t flush your plants, you may end up with some strange-tasting weed.