flat growing weeds

Type: Broadleaf annual

Appearance: Nutsedge has slender, grassy leaves, triangular stems, and small, nutlike tubers on the root system. When these weeds pop up in lawns, they often grow faster than turf grass, so they are easy to spot.

Control: Use a mulch or a preemergence herbicide in spring to prevent quickweed. If plants do grow, pull them by hand or spot-treat them with a postemergence herbicide.


Type: Broadleaf annual

Size: 6 feet tall, 2 feet wide

Size: To 15 feet tall and wide

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Where It Grows: Lawn, landscape, and garden areas in sun or shade

Type: Broadleaf perennial

Flat growing weeds

What makes a weed, a weed?

A plant expert answers questions about every gardener’s nemesis

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