feit electric grow light weed

Feit electric grow light weed

Unlike traditional farming, indoor farming can produce crops throughout the year, which results in increased productivity. Furthermore, indoor farming can protect crops from extreme weather conditions through the usage of techniques such as the controlled environment agriculture technology, where the facilities use artificial environmental control, control of light, and fertigation.


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Why Recessed Lighting?

When it comes to Grow Lights, many people think it’s only useful for growing marijuana. I am here to tell you that is FALSE! Grow Lights are multifunctional, meaning you can use them for any type of plant you want to grow. With a set of grow lights from LightUp, you are able to grow a large selection of plants indoors, including houseplants, orchids, flowers, and even fruit and vegetables. Grow lights are good for seed starting. This is because they are able to ensure stocky, green seedlings. You can also harvest greens and herbs in the wintertime under grow lights.

Feit electric grow light weed

Need some advice here for light time cycle.?

Yes, you will need way way more light, even for a bare-bones budget grow. That is simply not nearly enough light for a high energy plant like cannabis. First, LEDs are different than other lights in that they are not usually actually the stated wattage. For instance, I have a 700W LED that is actually only about a 300W light. So, you probably don’t even really have 19W, probably more like 10. Hamster Lewis is using some budget LEDs that he is very happy with. You are probably going to want at least 300W for a single plant, but I would buy as much light as you can afford.

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If you are using bag seeds, you have a lot greater chance of the plant hermying. In this day and age seeds found in bags are almost certainly the result of selfing.

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You are also going to need good ventilation. This is something you need to read up on. Ventilation is for much more than heat control–plants need a continual supply of fresh air (CO2) for proper photosynthesis.