everything i need to know about growing weed

Everything i need to know about growing weed

Growing outdoors is the cheapest and easiest way to grow, because you can utilize the power of the sun and other natural resources, but you need the proper space to do it, and the space needs to be able to get ample sunlight throughout the growing season. Often, you can let plants grow large and get big yields with more space outdoors.

Enjoy, have fun, and learn a tip or two—growing weed is therapeutic and relaxing, and there’s nothing better than smoking weed you’ve grown yourself.

You might be surprised which states don’t allow homegrowing—only five medical states and one medical territory allow homegrowing at all, and some adult-use states require a medical card.

Your homegrowing journey starts with the question: indoors or outdoors?

Indoor vs. outdoor marijuana growing

Below are all the topics covered in our growing guide. That is followed by a list of where it’s legal to homegrow in the US and a quick overview of the growing process.

The best way to get quality buds and big yields is to grow strong, healthy plants. Here’s a quick rundown of the most important things you need to know about growing weed:

Whether indoors or outdoors, growing marijuana is fun and rewarding, but it can also be challenging and takes a certain amount of patience, time, and money. We’ll walk you through all the steps of growing, from preparation, to seed germination, plant growth, and harvesting, as well as best practices and how to troubleshoot common problems.

Where is it legal to homegrow cannabis?

*Illinois and Washington are adult-use states but require a medical card to homegrow.

Growing weed indoors is more expensive because you’ll need to spend money on equipment and utilities, but you can control every aspect of the grow environment and set up an indoor grow almost anywhere. Expect to grow some killer weed—indoor is known for its potency and quality.

Everything i need to know about growing weed

If you look at the description of a strain, you should get a good idea of what to expect, especially with trustworthy breeders.

But I’ve realized that as long as you give your cannabis the basic nutrients needed to grow, you really don’t need to know a lot about nutrients. In fact, if you ensure your plants are growing in a perfect environment, you can get incredible results using just base nutrients, without any special supplements whatsoever.

2.) The grow light may be the most important tool in the grow room

These strains were grown in the exact same conditions. The Amnesia Lemon produces big green buds of medium potency, while the Pacific Punch produced purple and sparkly buds that stayed small but were incredibly potent. I did nothing different between these plants. The differences are 100% from the genetics.

If you can dedicate a weekend to setting up, ten minutes a day to care, and then a few hours at the end of each grow to dry and cure your buds, that’s all you really need to faithfully grow an abundance of super potent buds that last all year long.

1.) More nutrients does not equal more buds

5.) Proper airflow prevents a host of problems