equipment needed to grow cannabis indoors

Equipment needed to grow cannabis indoors

We’ve decided to write a full post on the exact materials needed to grow cannabis efficiently and affordably for all of the beginners out there that are a bit overwhelmed.

Materials needed to grow cannabis indoors | The first step

In order to calculate the inline fan strength you’ll need to calculate a fourth of your extraction strength. So, if you have a 1.2×1.2x2m grow tent and a 600w lamp, you’ll need a 468m3/h extractor. So, for your inline fan you’ll need to calculate 468/4 which is 117m3/h – this is the type of intake that you’ll need.

6- Ducting

Inline fans are just as important as extraction fans, although if your extractor is strong enough it can create negative pressure which can cause air to come into your grow room without any sort of extra inline fans. This only works with Grow Tents, as they tend to come with passive breathing holes, although if you’re using a room or grow tent you’ll need to sort out air in-take yourself.

Equipment needed to grow cannabis indoors

Classic example pH- and PPM- / EC-meter HYDRO:

When you’re growing hydroponically, it’s your water that provides the nutrients.

Because it’s easier to control the whole growing process, especially the amount and pace of nutrients, oxygen, and CO2 your plants receive…

You’ll receive some benefits over soil:

10. Grow Tent

But if you’re growing hydroponically, you will definitely need one.

Classic example:

In an outdoor grow, your marijuana plants will be larger and full of vigor, producing insane amounts of yield.

5. Pots & Buckets

Classic example pH-meter SOIL :

If you buy pre-made lights you won’t need any hanging ropes.