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We put the Endoca CBD line of oils to the test. How did their raw oil stack up? Discover their scores in our complete Endoca CBD oil review. Detailed review and pictures of Endoca CBD Oil Products – including hemp-derived CBD oil, topicals, suppositories & capsules includes 2022 Coupon Code.

Endoca CBD Oil Review

Endoca’s brand is a throwback to nature and the simplicity of hemp-derived CBD. The packaging gives you the sense that they care about promoting natural CBD production and that this brand would fit comfortably on any health store shelf. Precisely because it looks like a health store brand, we were also a little worried that the product wouldn’t try and mask the natural hemp flavor of CBD at all. You’ll have to read the rest of the review to find out more, but suffice it to say that we were pleasantly surprised by both the product and Endoca as a brand.

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Taste (8.5 out of 10)

The Endoca Raw CBD drops are incredibly mild to start. Based on the packaging, we were expecting to get hit with a blast of unadulterated hemp. Boy were we wrong. The mild taste that you do get from the product is most similar to how hay smells. It’s light. On the back end, Endoca surprises you with pepper. Even though you don’t taste it at first, this product has a pepper aftertaste that intensifies over the minutes after use. The intensity of the pepper is the only thing that knocked the taste down off of a 10. The upfront mildness is very appealing and we wished it would have been left at that. Nonetheless, this is a superior tasting product.

Delivery (9.0 out of 10)

This product is thinner than other oils and most similar in consistency to Charlotte’s Web and Bluebird Botanicals. For those that dislike thicker oils, this is a nice middle ground. The thinness of the oil, combined with the taste, results in a really pleasant experience overall. As you may know, we’re quick to knock oil products for using standard bottle droppers that result in a lot of mess. We thought Endoca was going to be a standard dropper by the looks of the bottle, but the company surprised us. Endoca’s dropper has a unique, bulb tip at the end of the dropper. While subtle, this design allows for superior control and drop counting. We didn’t get any mess from this dropper and are surprised that more companies aren’t following Endoca’s lead.

Potency (7.5 out of 10)

While the product isn’t sold by the ounce, the 300mg bottle is effectively a potency of 900mg per ounce. This is higher than what you get from products like plusCBD, but lower than some of the concentrated products from Bluebird Botanicals. Nothing mind blowing here, but a solid potency. Endoca advertises that you get 1 mg per 1 drop. If you’re a user that targets a higher amount of milligrams in a day, you may end up spending an inordinate amount of time counting drops.

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Effect (7.0 out of 10)

Unlike some more concentrated products, this product isn’t going to knock your socks off out of the gates. The Endoca Hemp drops deliver a subtle, slow-moving, calming effect throughout the body. We eased into a calm state over the course of 30 minutes. This oil also seemed to have good staying power. Again, unlike concentrated products that have an immediate peak that settles over time, this product is more subtle. The effect is that the sensation is more even across the hours of use.

Price (8.0 out of 10)

Endoca has packed a decent amount of CBD into a pretty reasonably priced bottle. It’s not the cheapest on a cents-per-milligram basis, but it’s on the lower end of the spectrum. When you combine the reasonable price with the taste and delivery, we feel like this product is a winner. It is going to become a regular in our daily rotation and we’d happily recommend it to friends.

Endoca CBD Hemp Oil Review

When it comes to CBD, we all want a product that’s sourced from the best hemp AND made using the best extraction methods.

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? You’d be surprised.

Though they may say otherwise, most CBD brands make their products from low-quality hemp or use cheap, ineffective extraction methods.

Endoca CBD Checks All The Boxes

Unlike most CBD companies, Endoca doesn’t cut corners when it comes to purity and potency.

Founded by renowned hemp cultivator Henry Vincenty, Endoca set out on a mission to create the best organic CBD extracts in the world, and they did not disappoint.

From their unparalleled growing practices to their rigorous extraction methods, Endoca is easily one of the most trusted companies in the CBD industry.

But what’s the real Endoca difference? Keep reading.

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What You Need To Know About Endoca

Here’s the Deal:

Endoca makes both raw and decarboxylated oils using supercritical CO2 extraction – the industry gold standard.

But what’s the difference between these two types of oils? And which one’s right for you?

We’ll get to that in a minute. First let’s take a look at what’s going on behind the scenes…

1.) Grown in the Sun…and It Shows

Did you know China, Russia, and South Korea account for 70% of the world’s hemp supply?

Unfortunately these areas are notorious for bad farming practices and poor quality.

And the companies that don’t specify the origins of their hemp? They’re usually sourcing from this region.

But not Endoca.

Deep in the countryside of Barcelona Spain is where you’ll find Endoca’s fields of robust, sun-grown hemp plants.

Why Barcelona? Because the northern European climate and natural conditions are perfect for cultivating cannabinoid-rich hemp plants.

This is why hemp grown in this region is some of the best in the world and why Endoca products are some of the strongest and purest on the market.

Not just that, but every step Endoca takes is done to ensure they maintain the quality of both the plant AND the soil.

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This combined with their rigorous lab testing has garnered Endoca the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification – something that really sets them apart from most brands on the market.

Lab Results Look Great

2.) Two Types of CBD Oil for Different Needs

Endoca is one of the only CBD oil companies on the market that offers its customers both raw and decarboxylated CBD oil product options.

In concentrations of 300 and 1500 mg, Endoca CBD oil formulas both contain a full spectrum of beneficial terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocompounds.

So what’s the difference? Let’s dive in.

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil Drops Produce a Greater Entourage Effect

Raw CBD oil is exactly what it sounds like: “raw.”

Once extracted from the hemp plant, Endoca’s raw tincture undergoes no further processing or filtration.

This results in a green, viscous oil packed with over 400 plant compounds and cannabinoids like CBDA and THCA.

And this part is key.

These compounds work together to magnify the therapeutic benefits of each individual cannabinoid, a phenomenon referred to as the “entourage effect.”

This makes raw hemp seed oil extremely beneficial for those with mild anxiety or insomnia.

It’s also great for those who want ALL the benefits hemp has to offer and not just cannabidiol.

Endoca Decarboxylated CBD Hemp Oil Offers Powerful Relief

Unlike Endoca’s raw tincture, their decarboxylated formula is slightly heated after extraction to convert CBDA into CBD but still retain a high level of phytonutrients.

This is why decarboxylated oils have a higher concentration of CBD and generally take effect more quickly than raw oils as they’re easier for your body to process.

This makes decarboxylated oils a great choice for those with more severe cases of anxiety, arthritis, migraines, insomnia, and chronic pain.

Endoca’s 15% Hemp Oil is also a two-for-one as it includes the perfect 1:3 ratio of Omega 3s and 6s as well as essential vitamins like Vitamin E.

3.) Hemp Oil Capsules Provide Relief On-The-Go

Are you looking for a discreet and precise dose of CBD with zero hemp taste?

Endoca’s CBD capsules make for an easy and convenient addition to your daily wellness regime.

Just like their tinctures, you can choose between raw and decarboxylated formulas as well as medium and strong concentrations, including 10 and 50 mg of CBD.

Each capsule contains the power of whole plant hemp goodness to deliver deep, soothing relief for the many stresses of day-to-day life.

Non-psychoactive, 100% natural, and great for all needs, these capsules are a convenient way to include CBD in your regimen without sacrificing results.

4.) CBD Suppositories Are 10x More Absorbable

You read that right.

More and more studies are showing that rectal administration increases the uptake of CBD entering the bloodstream by almost 10 times when compared with oral consumption.

That’s why Endoca offers hemp suppositories with 50 mg of CBD per suppository for ultra-targeted, effective dosing.

These are also a great alternative if swallowing capsules or taking oil under the tongue is impossible for you.

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But that’s not all.

Endoca’s CBD suppositories can also be administered vaginally for some much-needed relief during menstruation or after pregnancy.

5.) CBD Cream Zaps Away Pain In Just Seconds

In addition to their tinctures, capsules, and suppositories, Endoca also has a range of skincare products great for boosting skin health while also provided highly-targeted pain relief.

750mg CBD Hemp Salve Nourishes Your Body Inside And Out

One of Endoca’s most popular topicals is their hemp salve, a soothing all-natural skincare lotion for instant relief from excessive dryness.

Rich in CBD and Vitamin E, this stuff calms this skin like no other and smells AMAZING.

This salve offers 750 mg of CBD per container for deep, localized relief, and it’s also great for sensitive skin as it’s made from 100% natural food-grade ingredients.

And a little goes a long way.

Simply place a small amount of organic salve where desired (including the face and neck) and enjoy instant, long-lasting relief.

Hemp Whipped Body Butter Is A Game-Changer

If you’re looking for something a little stronger than Endoca’s hemp salve, look no further than their whipped body butter.

This rich lotion combines natural food-grade shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil with Endoca’s organically-certified CBD hemp extract.

The result is a thick, creamy body lotion that makes an ideal barrier cream for nourishing and smoothing the body’s biggest organ – inside and out.

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Bottom Line

Between their rigorous growing standards, sophisticated extraction methods, and versatile CBD products, Endoca is one of the best all-around CBD companies in the world.

We give them an A+ and highly recommend you give them a try!


CBD Oil (Raw or Decarboxylated options):

  • .33fl ounces / 10ml
  • 300 or 1500 mg CBD per bottle
  • Contains only organic certified hemp oil. Also includes 1.2g Omega-3, 4g Omega-6, CBD+CBDa 15%, 8g Vitamin E.
  • Less than 0.3% THC
  • Certified organic hemp
  • CO2 Extraction
  • $31 per 300 mg bottle, $129 per 1500 mg bottle

Capsules (Raw or Decarboxylated options):

  • 30 capsules
  • 10mg CBD+CBDa per capsule
  • Organic hemp
  • 300 mg or 1500 mg CBD per bottle
  • Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO
  • $31 per 300 mg bottle, $129 per 1500 mg bottle

Topicals (Hemp Salve or Body Butter):

  • Hemp Salve – 30 ml
  • Hemp Body Butter – 100 ml
  • Food-grade ingredients
  • $64 per container of salve, $36-$82 per container of body butter
  • 10 suppositories
  • 50mg CBD each
  • Organic hemp
  • 500mg CBD per box
  • Also contains coconut oil
  • $52 per box

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