electric velvet seeds

Electric velvet seeds

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Astoria Farms provides beautiful, organically grown, cannabis that retains each strain’s natural attributes and finer qualities. Much of the cannabis experience lies within the subtle and is synergistic in nature. Our flowers taste best and provide the most distinctive experience when consumed by vaporizing. Our strains are chosen over time for their ability to consistently provide positive experiences and effects, be they medical, recreational, or spiritual.

Astoria Farms is a small-scale producer of high-quality cannabis flowers in the lower Columbia region of Oregon. Our flowers are lovingly grown in Coco-Coir, a renewable byproduct of coconut production, and fertilized with natural organic ingredients to produce cannabis with fine aromas, flavors, and highs. Our buds are dried slowly over several weeks, hand trimmed, and gently handled to preserve flower quality and consistency.

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Electric velvet seeds

Although they make a beautiful garden and cut flower, Calendula flowers are also edible.

Please note that although beautiful, they are not for eating, just decoration.

This variety has longer stems good for cut flowers. Please note Sweet Williams are not edible, these are for decoration only.


Tricolor Mix Clary Sage
A decorative plant about 2 ft tall – distantly related to the herb Sage – with very pretty blue/white/pink leaves making a good show in the summer. Attractive to insects too. Very easy to grow and good as a cut or dried flower.

Very easy to grow. Sow the little seeds in fine compost in trays / modules and *just* cover with soil. Water gently and keep moist and nicely warm until they germinate. When big enough to handle transplant out to their final position; they will tolerate partial shade.


A very easy, beautiful and child-friendly plant. Sow in Spring, in a fine tilth directly where you want them to grow; the seeds should be about 3mm deep. An old favourite of ours, the plants make a spreading low mat with cheerful white and yellow flowers that beneficial insects such as hoverflies really love.

The flowers are edible and can be put in salads or candied to decorate cakes.