ectoplasm seeds

Ectoplasm seeds

The Ectoplasm Sample was added in the B.O.O. Update. It can be obtained from an exploded Spirit Storage Unit.


When consumed on a player, it will give them the Slimed! mod for 6 seconds, causing them to walk slower and jump lower than normal.

Don’t we all! As usual in Spiritfarer, this new resource is found through fulfilling requests of a new spirit. If you have fished a Mystery Seed out of the sea, you’re going to want to plant that in your garden, and… well, you’ll see! If you haven’t fished that seed out yet, it’s probably because you haven’t released enough spirits into the afterlife. Keep on fulfilling their requests until they’re ready to be led to the Everdoor.

There are hundreds of different items in the game, ranging from different types of flowers, rocks, seeds, and old shoes. Stella can collect and craft them into quest-related items. She’ll want to be sure to explore the world around her and leave no stone unturned…or picked up. However, not all items in the game are found by simple exploration. This guide will focus on the easiest way to find Mystery Seeds and what they’re primarily used for.

Spiritfarer is full of unique items. Mystery Seeds are a great way to grind for Glims, and can be purchased from Francis the traveling Merchant.

Spiritfarer – Finding Mystery Seeds

Players can purchase Mystery Seeds from Francis for 500 Glims, Spiritfarer’s in-game currency. The seeds can be planted to grow Tchotckes which are random items of value that will only be bought by Francis. Tchotckes vary in price so players will have to keep a backlog of the most valuable ones. If Stella knows the Plant Growing Song, taught to her by Summer, she can grow her Tchotcke plants without ever leaving the area. All she’s got to do next is return to Francis with her freshly harvested Tchotckes and sell them back to him for what she hopes to be a big profit.

Spiritfarer offers players hours of entertaining gameplay as they complete missions for the Spirit passengers on board Stella’s ship. Their journey to the afterlife is full of whacky requests and side missions that ultimately build a meaningful relationship between them and Stella.

Spiritfarer continues to pull on the player’s heartstrings as the reality of death settles on Stella’s Spirits. She can rest assured knowing that she made their journey to the afterlife easier.