easiest cannabis to grow indoors

Easiest cannabis to grow indoors

So here are five strains that are easy to grow for beginners: they grow strong, yield high, can grow in many different climates, and have a forgiving margin of error.

Blue Dream

This strain can handle many climates, both indoors and outdoors, but it can take a long time to flower—more like nine or ten weeks. Regardless, GMO Cookies is a new standard that packs a punch and brings some great savory scents to your garden.

GMO Cookies

This is a strong, sturdy plant that doesn’t need much attention, but be sure to give it plenty of space to stretch out—it grows tall, like parent Lemon Skunk. Scrogging always helps, but you’ll likely get solid yields even without it. SLH usually takes a little longer to flower, around nine weeks, another sign of its sativa roots, so you may need to be a little patient when waiting to harvest this one.

Easiest cannabis to grow indoors

How to water seedlings

Use a mini hygrometer to monitor humidity

Step 2: Germination & Seedling Care

Now that you’ve got a growing plant, you’re officially in the “vegetative stage” of a cannabis plant’s life. During this first stage of life, your plants will grow new stems and leaves, but no buds yet. Plant care is almost like a regular houseplant in this stage.

Step 5: Harvest Your Cannabis

In the vegetative stage, a cannabis plant can recover from a lot even if you mess up. It’s kind of like the “training wheels” stage of growing. Y our main job is simply to water your plants and make sure they’re getting the right amount of nutrients and light . If using high levels of nutrients and supplements, try to give plain water sometimes to prevent nutrient build-up.