dwc cannabis grow guide

Dwc cannabis grow guide

You should only submerge the root bare into the nutrient solution. Keep the stem expose to the air. And no need to wholly sunk the roots. Keep about 1.5″ of the roots above the water. These dry parts will help take up more oxygen from the surrounding environment.

One common issue that most growers face in the DWC is the heats in the system caused by the pump. Meanwhile, the temperature in the growing area also adds heats.
Too warm and it will decrease the oxygen level in the system. Meanwhile, when the roots get too cold, this will stun your plants’ growth.
You need to keep the air temperature at 75 – 80oF, and root zone at 60 – 68oF

Basically, the Kratky Method is the Deep Water Culture, but it comes without a pump. This is a passive system with no electricity used.

So how do the plants get nutrients and oxygen?

What is the appropriate temperature of the nutrient solution?

Typically, you should grow 1-3 plants per bucket. More than that and it can bring a threat of the roots clogging the air stone, and less oxygen absorbed per plant.

I don’t want to sound general, but that does depend on the type of system used, its size, kinds of plants grown, their growing phase.

But in the case of the DWC system, unless you have a large-scale system or using an RDWC, I think it’s better that you don’t get the types of lights that emit much heat like HPs because your DWC has had enough heats from the pumps running endlessly.

What is the specific pH and EC/TDS/PPM for DWC?

If you are a beginner in the field of growing plants with hydroponics method, this is a cheap (in comparison to other options) and simple DIY setup that beginners and more established growers both appreciate.

Some benefits of the deep water culture system are:

Dwc cannabis grow guide

A DWC cannabis grow comes in many different styles and adaptations. However the common theme is that the roots are immersed in a bath of nutrients at an optimum pH, often around pH 5.8. Normally cannabis roots left in water/nutrients would eventually rot. But the presence of bubbling air (e.g. from a DWC air stone, connected to an external air pump) provides the roots the oxygen they need to grow with great vigour.

Growing cannabis in DWC system

Growing in a DWC cannabis system isn’t for everyone. But for those that do it well, dry yields of several hundred grams per plant are quite routine. Deep water culture cannabis growing pushes hydroponics (soil-free) cultivation to it’s limits. As such, it’s the ultimate thrill and ultimate challenge for many indoor growers. For those that truly enjoy their cannabis cultivation there are few more satisfying feelings than seeing a crop grow from seed to harvest. When you harvest your first DWC monster the joy and satisfaction will be remembered forever.

The benefits of growing cannabis with DWC

But for someone that has only grown in soil before there are some undeniable added new complexities to consider. You will need a, perhaps slightly noisy, air pump to feed the DWC air stone and you may need to discover the joy of owning and calibrating pH and EC meters for the first time.