dwarf weed seed

Dwarf weed seed

 Acorn  Willow  Maple  Yew  Magic

 Redberry  Cadavaberry  Dwellberry  Jangerberry  Whiteberry  Poison ivy

 Apple tree  Banana tree  Orange tree  Curry tree  Pineapple  Papaya tree  Palm tree

Methods of obtaining

 Potato  Onion  Cabbage  Tomato  Sweetcorn  Strawberry  Watermelon

A nearby gardener will not watch over your growing dwarf weed.

Farming info

 Marigold  Rosemary  Nasturtium  Woad  Limpwurt

 Guam  Marrentill  Tarromin  Harralander  Gout tuber  Ranarr  Toadflax  Irit  Avantoe  Kwuarm  Snapdragon  Cadantine  Lantadyme  Dwarf weed  Torstol

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