dutch haze seeds

Dutch haze seeds

Using its genetics as a base, Dutch Passion created the illustrious Dutch Haze and debuted it in 2009. Like its parent, its buds have the delicious tropical terpene profile with strong citric overtones and earthy undertones. It also grows tall but is not at all lanky.

Odor and Flavors

Dosage plays a major factor with regard to how one experiences Dutch Haze. Beyond individual tolerance, it can trigger anxiety as it heightens awareness and sharpens the senses. This is especially true for people who are susceptible the condition. Hence, it is important to start small and slow before gradually building it up.

Adverse Reactions

Dutch Passion is among the top seed banks around the world. In fact, the group was crowned Best Seed Bank in 2014 at Spannabis for the service it has provided since 1987. As such, it should come as no surprise that its product Dutch Haze is an extremely valuable strain for both the recreational and medicinal community.

Dutch haze seeds

Dutch Haze has a secret pedigree from breeding 5 different Haze Strains found in the South Pacific. She has been perfected by 6 leading Dutch Breeders during the past 40 years. Her heritage come from a few isolated Islands near Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. We’re proud to bring to you a Sativa strain with an extremely psychoactive high that is comparable to being under the influence of Meth or Cocaine. But be warned, she can make you paranoid if your not used to the intense cerebral buzz.

Flowering Time: Indoor 11 weeks / Outdoor End of October (Northern Hemisphere), Mid May (Southern Hemisphere)
Approx Yield: Indoor 700 – 800 gr/sqm / Outdoor up to 1500 gr/plant
THC= 22.9%