dragon’s layer seeds

Dragon's layer seeds

I replanted the coleus and the Dracaena and the coleus came up quickly. They were looking good and once again I set them on the porch with good intentions. The thunder storm that blew through had other ideas and the poor little seedlings were scattered about. The Dragon tree seeds showed no indication that they were even thinking of sprouting. I think they may have been bad seeds.

A few of months ago I posted a couple of blogs about a plant kit I bought called Dragon’s Lair . It came with a cute container and seeds to grow Dragon trees and Black Dragon Coleus . The last post showed the coleus sprouting nicely.

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So, I ordered Black Dragon Coleus seeds. Planted them in seed trays and grew them in the potting shed. These came up beautifully. I put the little seedlings in the container and soon realized they would quickly out grow it.

Black Dragon Coleus. Third times a charm.

Dragon's layer seeds

Clicking on the heart icon to the right side of the menu will allow you to feed your companion other dragons to increase partner awareness which increases stats. Eventually you will need to feed multiple dragons as the success rate will drop.

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After viewing the Painted Skitter shown above, one can easily say it is a max slot and max stat dragon. How do we know this? 

Called  Dragon Soul Skills  cannot be leveled up and are static. But they can be drug to your hot bar and bound to a key to be used as an active skill for  buffing, healing and combat .  The Purple Active Dragon Soul Skills CANNOT be learned by other dragons like the Passive ones. 

Dragon Companion [ ]

Depending on which dragon you choose: common, rare, or ancient, will increase the support ability. Additionally, choosing the recommended companion will unlock a bonus set of stats. It costs 200 Dragon Runes to refresh the recommended companion.

Example: Let’s say you have 0.36 Additional Charisma and the companion interface lists Physical Defense as your first Dragon Soul Support stat. The dragon you want to assign as a companion has 8,160 Physical Defense, is a rare dragon which gives 20% Support Ability, and you have fed him a few dragons so it’s at 26% Partner Awareness.

are the 8 different processes you can have your dragon do. In order from left to right these are  Dragon Training ,  Skills Training ,  Gather Ore ,  Gather Herbs ,  Gather Wood ,  Gather Leather , Gather Cloth , and  Gather Meat . 

Dragon Soul Support Calculation [ ]

Stats and Training Level Next is a detailed over view of the Current Training Level and Stats levels. 

Laedis Provision Points. Laedis Provisions