does marijuana grow naturally

Does marijuana grow naturally

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“That seems to be the most pressing problem for humans then: How to get food,” said Professor Purugganan, who was not involved in the research. “The suggestion that even early on they were also very concerned with fiber and even intoxicants is interesting. It would bring to question what were the priorities of these Neolithic societies.”

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Does marijuana grow naturally

Marijuana is a fast growing bushy plant with large sticky flowers, mostly famous for its psychoactive compounds. It can be used when dried or processed in different ways to yield a variety of products that can be eaten, smoked or vaporized. Marijuana is used all over the world is famous for recreational, medicinal and industrial purposes. It is due to its psychoactive properties that marijuana was banned in most parts of the world in the twentieth and twenty first century and remains so to this day. Even after it was declared illegal to possess or use marijuana, the popularity has not died down and it is used extensively all over the world today.

Marijuana is a very easy to grow plant, if you acquire the right seeds. Marijuana grows wildly all over the world but the quality of such plants is often very low. Wildly growing marijuana is refered to as "ditch weed" because it is never as potent as marijuana that is grown intentionally.

The Marijuana plant originated in the Himalayas, around Tibet. It was discovered by the Chinese who used it for a number of things. But soon after, the Chinese discovered another drug, called opium and marijuana gradually lost its flavor for them. However, marijuana seeds were scattered in the region and the plant found its way to India. The Indians used marijuana for making ropes and oils. After that, the Arabs spread the plant to Afghanistan, where it still grows in huge amounts and some plants are as old as a thousand years.