do led lights grow good weed

Do led lights grow good weed

How Far to Keep from Plants: 32″ is the recommended starting distance from the plants.

LEDs are often compared to HPS grow lights and each type of grow light has pros and cons for cannabis growers. Here’s the quick summary to help you decide whether LEDs are a good fit for you, and you can also read more deeply into the differences between LED and HPS here.

2.) Traditional Panel

Average Yields: 9-14+ ounces – keep in mind that the strain (genetics) and any plant training you do makes a huge difference in your final yields.

How to Use LED Grow Lights for Growing Cannabis

3 Main Types of LED Grow Lights

Generally, your goal with LED panels should be 50-60 watts per square foot of grow space to get the best results.

Do led lights grow good weed

High Quality Weed: It was found in a study conducted by the “University of Tennessee” that plants produce high antioxidants, minerals, and taste compounds if they are provided light with perfect spectrum. The LEDs light do not emit much heat which means they are suitable for your plants. They contain around seven bands in the right proportions. This feature is beneficial for producing good quality plants.

Calculate How Much Light You Need: If you want to avoid the expenditure on other components, LED grow lights are the best option for you. You just need to calculate your area and figure out how many lights you will need for growing cannabis indoors.

Safe for Environment: grow lights are environmentally friendly as well. Along with low heat and energy saving, they are beneficial for the environment. These lights are also recyclable which means they are eco-friendly.

Use LED Grow Lights for Growing Indoors

You can say it can be a hybrid of these two LEDs. You can adjust them accordingly and use them as per your need. These types of lights emit a wide spectrum of light that helps you to produce good quality weed.

A good lighting will help you grow healthy cannabis. It will also save the marijuana from pests and moulds as well. With adequate lighting, you can easily store the main product for a long time. It will preserve the plant’s THC content, aroma and effectiveness. There are different types of LED grow lights to grow your plants healthy.

The full form of COB is Chip on Board. It is a well-known LED grow light and remains in demand among quality cannabis growers. Every COB produces intense and bright light as they have several LED lights, particularly small areas. The COB-style light also consumes substantial electricity. You can replace several diodes with COB and can produce the same results.

Important things to know before growing cannabis at home

These are the top advantages of LEDs which make them stand out from other traditional grow lights. They are easy to manage, cost-effective, and produce high-intensity lights for your plants. Also, they can emit the same amount of light for years, so don’t have to change your bulbs frequently. Thus, you should choose LED grow lights for growing cannabis indoors.

Quality of Plants: With the traditional grow lights, the plants can get burned and dry if you don’t manage the temperature properly. They also emit ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the plants. But, with the LED grow light, no UV rays are produced, and can protect the plants and help produce high-quality weed.