diy weed grow tent

Diy weed grow tent

Apart from having a grow room air conditioner, ventilation is the only way to keep the temperature down. Most growers that grow under LEDs shouldn’t have a problem with this but if you’re growing under an HPS for example, you’ll definitely need ventilation.

Before starting to build your grow room, you need to have a couple of things in mind.

Tip: Even though it is not obligatory, you can glue pieces of rubber sheet where the plywood sheets meet and in between the door to make you maintain the temperature and humidity levels.

Even though you can grow cannabis anywhere you want, what differentiates a grow tent from any other growing space is its ability to keep light from leaking, being airtight so the exhaust fans can work properly and you can keep a stable temperature and humidity.

Prevents mold and bugs

Voltage x Amperage = Max Wattage

A grow tent is the best DIY grow space because (depending on how you build it) you can easily disassemble it when you need to and then mount it again without needing anything else.

You will also need 8 PVC 3 way knees to connect (A) to (B) and (A) to (C), and 6 PVC Tees to connect poles (E) and (F) to (A).


An air-tight grow room is a must when growing in places where cannabis is illegal, failing to contain smell (and light) in the tent can easily cause neighbors to report you to the police, so make sure you check this a couple of times throughout your growing cycles, as this can easily be fixed and will save your from a lot of headache.

Another great benefit is that it prevents mold and bugs because most pests thrive in hot and humid environments so by keeping the humidity and temperature on point, it’s most likely that bugs won’t be attacking your plants.

Diy weed grow tent

It includes nothing more than some cheap reflective emergency blanket material and a hula hoop from the dollar store. It will increase a good LED grow light’s efficiency (which we assume you already have) by over 100% depending on the distance from the plant.

How to Make the Cheapest Marijuana Grow Tent

At Wal-Mart, you can get an 82.5″ x 52″ emergency reflective blanket for around $1.50 on special offer. You can easily find hula hoops at the dollar store. So, in this scenario, you still pay less than $3! Having the ability to increase the bud yield on a single marijuana plant for that price is an excellent deal!

Does the Cheapest Marijuana Grow Tent Really Only Cost $2?

These are all fair enough questions. However, for a cheap $2 marijuana grow tent that increases your light efficiency by over 100%, beggars can’t be choosers.