desert sorbet seeds

Desert sorbet seeds

Pruning of Adenium plant is usually done in spring and early summer season.


Trumpet shaped double petal red and white colored Adenium flowering plant (desert rose). Package contains 5 inch black plastic pot, The plants will be approximately this size (Plant Size Figure 1), They come with 5 Inch plastic pot as ready to place. Please keep in mind we are not charging for the size, we are charging for the rare colors we have. We are giving assurance for the color only, not the size.

Can we grow Adenium plant on bare soil?

Because in these climatic conditions it undergoes to a dormant stage may cause death of the Adenium plant. Therefore In scorching winter and summer, keep it indoor to protect them. The most favorable condition for them is 30-35°C. They can thrives in moist and well drained potting mixtures. Wet soil is not suitable for the Adenium plants because it cause root rot in Adenium plants.

Avoid the use of fertilizers in flowering season.

Well packed container specially designed for online shipping to avoid the any damage to the Adenium bonsai plant.


Favorable range of temperature for Adenium plant is 30-35 degree Celsius.


Desert sorbet seeds

This post came to be as a result of a late surfeit of summer fruits in our local grocery store last month. The fruits got cheap, we got greedy, and the result was more fruit at home than we could possibly eat before they went bad. So enter, easy 3 ingredient sorbet!

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Make Easy Fruit Sorbet with just 3 ingredients in just a few minutes!

There is a very simple idea behind this easy fruit sorbet. An embarrassingly simple idea. A sorbet is basically blended fruit that’s sweetened and then frozen. Though I call these recipes here, they are really more like an idea, a how to sort of guide for perfect, easy fruit sorbets!

And here’s the very simple idea behind my sorbets –

If that didn’t convince you, get this. You can take almost any fruit you want, any flavour you want and transform them into refreshing and delicious sorbets! Think