cru glue seeds

Cru glue seeds

Consistency is what is expected when you are known to be one of the leaders in the market, but of course CRU pre-rolls are the classic overachiever.

An elite version of CRU that has been painstakingly harvested and treated with the kind of care usually given to the best grapes in France. Only the most ideal buds that meet the strict requirements of Grand CRU are hand-picked and hand-scaled from 13 genetically dominant strains. Like a cigar after a long day, Grand CRU is meant to punctuate anything in life worth celebrating. So sit back and enjoy, this is the apex of cannabis.


We’ve taken CRU’s premium indoor flower and added a painstakingly formulated recipe of potent concentrates to create a perfectly balanced high. With THC always clocking in above 20%+ but accompanied with other cannabinoids, you’ll experience the psychoactive effects of high THC without the anxiety and paranoia.


It’s because it concentrates hundreds of chemical compounds found in cannabis, not just THC. It includes chlorophyll, omega fatty acids, lipids and flavonoids. All of these compounds work together to help the absorption and effectiveness of our Full Spectrum Oil. It comes packaged with a versatile Twistpenser Applicator for clean and easy dispensing. Available in high THC as well as Low THC/High CBD ratios.

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Cru glue seeds

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Since their official launch at High Times 2007 Cannabis Cup, Seedism seeds has been pumping out champions and best-known amongst them is Super Glue. The child of Northern Lights and an Afghani landrace, Super Glue is known for delivering heavy relaxation for the body and mind. Because of this effect, Super Glue has been a staple amongst medicinal users seeking pain relief and recreational chillers alike, especially given its alluring skunky-spicy nose with a touch of sugar. Taken together, Super Glue is a perfect way to experience the best of old-school genetics grown with new-school flavor and potency, especially when youre ready to kick back.