critical jack seeds

Critical jack seeds

In recent years Critical has become one of the most well-known and cultivated strains from Spain. On my holidays to the Costa Brava I regularly smoke some tasty Critical on the beach. The Skunk #1 genetics, an Indica variety of Afghani origin, is dominant in this strain. The further development of this strain is due to Shantibaba, Neville and Mr. Nice Seed Bank, who came up with the name Critical Mass. Dinafem crossed this Critical Mass with a very productive Sativa, Jack Herer (only capable of a flowering period of 70 days), and this is how Critical Jack was born. A great hybrid with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa.

Critical Jack is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. When I grow my Critical Jack outdoors, it is ready to harvest in late September. I still find it incredible, but 70 days after germination, you can harvest the plants. The plant has large light green leaves that hang down, but then – in a much shorter period of time than you would expect – there is an explosion of white flowers covered with large crystals. Under ideal conditions, with plenty of light and warm temperatures, the plant can grow up to one metre in height. Without these ideal conditions and with indoor cultivation my plant usually reaches a height of about half a metre, but the beautiful floral buds provide a high yield. Prepare for hard, tight, thickly covered buds. A bonus is that the Critical Jack is resistant to moisture and mould.

Critical Jack has a strong scent and an intensely fruity and sometimes woody flavour with hints of lemon and incense. Critical Jack has quite a strong effect. Critical Jack gives me a massive high and it gives me a euphoric and relaxed feeling. Medicinally it is used to treat pain, stress and poor appetite.

Critical jack seeds

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Being a hybrid of Critical Plus and Jack Herer, Critical Jack has strong uplifting effects that produce a high level of relaxation. It is a perfect strain for both beginners and experts, because it is easy to grow and is resilient to pests and diseases. It is an excellent remedy against depression and migraine.

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The aroma and fragrance of the Critical Jack Feminized strain are very intense, with tones of citrus, incense and exotic wood. Those loyal to the psychedelic strains will love it thanks to its uplifting, powerful, and long-lasting mind effects. Regardless of your experience, if you want a highly adaptable strain with rich harvest, full potential and pleasant flavor, this one will not disappoint you!


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