cookie dos seeds

Cookie dos seeds

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Do-Si-Dos Cookies has a scent and flavour that encompasses fruity, floral and earthy nuances. THC levels are very high at 23% and this delivers an effect that is immensely relaxing physically while also giving feelings of mental happiness.

Do-Si-Dos Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between two very well-known strains. Do-Si-Dos is derived from the OGKB strain and has been crossed with Girl Scout Cookies. This strain is easy to grow, fast-flowering, produces very high levels of THC with great potency and boasts a complex range of flavours.

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When grown indoors these plants remain fairly short at 80 – 100 cm, finishing in 50 – 55 days of florescence. Yields are very good and should be somewhere between 500 – 550 gr/m 2 . Outdoors plants grow a lot taller ending up at between 200 – 250 cm. Harvest in northern latitudes will be during the final three weeks of September. In good growing conditions each plant can produce as much as 800 gr. Its buds are lime green in colour.

The plants resemble shrubs with a proliferation of wide-leaves. In order to facilitate better light penetration it is recommended to prune some of the leaves during flowering or at least to carry out a bit of leaf-tucking.­­­

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The Do-si-dos Cookies Auto is very easy to grow and is adapted to all settings, whether coconut, hydroponic or soil.

Do-si-dos Cookies Auto has an average yield. Indoors, with growing lights, it can reach 500 grams per square meter while outdoors, with the help of sunlight, its yield should not exceed 100 grams per plant.

Auto Do-Si-Dos Cookies Feminized (00 Seeds)

The effect offered by Do-si-dos Cookies Auto is very balanced and powerful, mainly due to its 22% of THC. Ideal for use at the end of the day, this plant offers a relaxing body effect and brain stimulation at the same time.

The Do-si-dos Cookies feminized auto-flowering seeds arrive directly from the 00 Seeds bank to our shop and were obtained from the crossing of the Do-si-dos Cookies from this bank with an auto-flowering one. This variety has the potency and distinct flavour of its feminised sister but will take about 90 days from germination to harvest.

Do-si-dos Cookies Auto gives rise to medium sized plants, which can reach 90 cm indoors and not exceed 130 cm outdoors. The structure is very similar to that of its feminized sister and at the end of flowering it will also have the characteristic green-lime colouring typical of Do-si-dos genetics.

The aroma and taste of Do-si-dos Cookies Auto is very similar to its feminized sister, incorporating some unique nuances. For that reason we can indicate that it is complex and in it you can find touches of humid earth, candy, pine and menthol.

From germination to harvest it is a plant that takes 80 to 90 days, both indoors and outdoors.