confetti cake seeds

Confetti cake seeds

The top three terpenes in this cultivar were Limeonene (.66), Myrcene (.21), Linalool (.19)

Foreign Matter+Seeds: Pass
LossOnDrying(Moisture): Pass
Water Activity: Pass
Microbiological: Pass
Mycotoxins: Pass
Pesticides: Pass

Limonene (LIM-o-neen): Citrus. Believed to provide anxiety and stress relief.
Myrcene (MUR-seen). Herbal. Most common terpene.
Linalool (LINN-uh-lool). Floral Also found in lavender and believed to promote relaxation.

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Test Date: 1.31.2019
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Cheat day or not, cut yourself a slice of Birthday Cake Kush marijuana and cut yourself some slack – relatively easy to grow, this potent hybrid reeks of vanilla cake and happiness, and is a perfect way to end your day!


If you happen to be counting your calories, we know one way to cheat on that diet without really cheating – a sampling of Birthday Cake Kush marijuana will stave off cravings for sweets and have you feeling happy and decidedly heavy, the perfect end to a good meal and a good day.

Birthday Cake Kush is the kind of hybrid that can range in its THC levels, anywhere from 14% to 25%, meaning you’re playing a little bit of Russian Roulette when you roll the dice on planting these seeds. That unknown factor leads most dealers to recommend cannabis consumers with at least moderate experience dabbling in weed cut themselves a slice. The initial effects are all in your head, delivering a rush of happiness and giggles. Shortly after, your limbs will begin to feel the heaviness of its indica roots, for a deep relaxation that can help the body get plenty of rest. Like the baked confection, Birthday Cake Kush marijuana can put you in a better mood – a boon for people hoping to treat symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression in a natural manner, but not so helpful for patients seeking treatment for conditions like chronic pain or epilepsy. Still, a little sweetness never hurts.