coco beach seeds

Coco beach seeds

Sea beans are seeds or seed pods grown on land that somehow make it into the ocean currents where they start their journey to new lands. The travelling seedlings were first recorded in 25 B.C. and since that time a legion of collectors have scoured beaches looking for rare finds.

“I started taking my daughter searching for sea beans when she was one-year-old. It’s something we still share.”

They can travel for thousands of miles, are said to have mystical powers and right now is the best time to collect the elusive sea bean as you walk along our local beaches.

Coco beach seeds

Planning a last-minute getaway for Valentine’s Day? A road trip to Cocoa Beach is a great way to soak up some sun and impress your date no matter how long you’ve been together! Florida’s Space Coast is the perfect place for couples to experience their favorite activities all over again, try something new, and enjoy the perfect date night under the glow of a rocket launch! Here are some things to add to your itinerary for a memorable Valentine’s Day in Cocoa Beach:

A romantic atmosphere awaits you at The Fat Snook, an ideal setting for a blissful Valentine’s Day meal. The restaurant serves simple but elegant, fresh fish and seafood dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients. Specialties include tuna tartare, Cuba libra braised pork belly, grilled harissa shrimp, and grilled salmon pinwheels. Check out these other great Space Coast Date Night Destinations to switch it up and eat something incredible.

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