cindy le pew seeds

Cindy le pew seeds

I guess that happens with alot of other seedbanks also. It’s really all about the name, and the picture chosen..


(male G13SK is nicknamed "Pepe" by the breeder hence the name).
Here’s my Grape Stomper OG

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Cindy le pew seeds

Acapulco Gold was one of the parents of the hybrid Skunk No. 1, which was called “the backbone of the modern cannabis breeding world.” In 2014, High Times magazine named Acapulco Gold one of the greatest strains of all time. It is a landrace strain that has a long growing season and the plant can adapt to growing in different types of conditions.

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A cross that celebrates the legendary landrace Columbian, Miss Columbia crosses Cindy Le Pew and Columbian Black. Miss Columbia was bred with the goal of bringing the classic ‘60s strain back into circulation, and it reeks of tropical pineapple, melon, skunk, and diesel. As for the high, consumers can expect a soaring rush that may be a bit intense for the less experienced, but welcomed by any lover of racey strains.