chocolate skunk seeds

Chocolate Skunk Auto is the auto-flowering version of 00 Seeds’ Chocolate Skunk strain, itself a special pheno-typical selection made from amongst this breeders Critical Mass plants. Growers can expect good yields, a super-sweet, fruity taste and high levels of THC from a strain which is very easy to grow.

Indoors, this is a plant which which stays short at 80 – 100 cm, taking 65 – 70 days to complete its cycle. In this environment yields will be between 400 – 450 gr/m 2 . Outdoors plants grow to be 110 – 150 cm. tall producing between 50 – 170 gr/plant.

Flavours of hashish with sweet, fruity, chocolate and incense notes. THC levels of 17% make for a pleasantly relaxing effect.

Chocolate skunk seeds

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