cherry cookies seeds

Cherry cookies seeds

Cherry Cookies is a mostly indica variety from Purple Caper Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±60 days ) and in the greenhouse . Purple Caper Seeds’ Cherry Cookies is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

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Loud Gasoline and Cordial Mint Cherries Smell, Good yields! Works good grown Organic or Hydro Purple and Green Frosty Fuel

Basic / Breeders Info

Cherry Cookies lives up to its name, smelling and tasting just like a sugar-coated cherry cookie. This is what makes this a strain worth trying even without factoring in its powerful effects. Cherry Cookies is an intense strain both physically and mentally and definitely, one that experienced smokers, who enjoy experimenting with new strains, should give a try. Cherry Cookies is more than is sweet flavor and mind-blowing experience; it also has a number of health benefits, including everything from acting as an anti-anxiety treatment to being a natural form of pain relief .

The exact CBD content of Cherry Cookies is not known, but it is thought that it only contains trace amounts due to the strains extreme levels of THC. It is rare to find a strain that has both a high THC and CBD content and so you can generally assume that if a strain has an above average THC content and there is no mention of CBD that there is less than 1% to be found.

Cherry Cookies smells just as you would expect given its name, releasing a sweet yet tangy aroma when ground. There is a clear cherry smell with a slight tartness, reminding you of the cherry tarts that you so often find at family parties.

Cherry Cookies plants manage to pack in an impressive number of bright green leaves, which are tightly packed together and make it deceptive as to the exact number of leaves on one plant. The leaves curl in on themselves, almost as though they are hiding from the sun.

Possible Side Effects of the Cherry Cookies Cannabis Strain

What should you look out for visually with Cherry Cookies?

Cherry Cookies is an intense indica-dominant strain , which as you might have guessed is part of the extremely popular Girl Scout Cookies family. Cookie strains are known for having a high THC content which results in a strong body buzz and a generally robust and long-lasting high. Due to their intensity, Cookie strains are thought of as being reserved purely for expert smokers who can handle their overwhelming effects. This is not the case, however, with Cherry Cookies. While the physical effects are definitely strong, they do not have the same overpowering effect on your body.

There are a number of psychical conditions that can be alleviated with the help of Cherry Cookies, including chronic pains, muscle spasms, cramps, and inflammation. The powerful physical effects numb painful areas, sometimes seven completely eliminating the pain and allowing you to continue with your day pain-free.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The initial effects of Cherry Cookies very much come from the sativa side of the strain, lifting your mood and filling you with a general sense of happiness. This early stage of the high is often described as a blissful state of peace in which you feel extremely positive and eager just to have a chilled out good time. The clear-headed effects allow for your creative side to flourish and for thoughts to flow freely. This can be a great time to take full advantage of such freedom before the more physical effects of the high kick in, whether this is grabbing your sketch pad and seeing what you create or listening to thought-provoking music.

Cherry Cookies sounds more like a sugar-coated cookie than it does a strain of marijuana, but do not be fooled by the name, because this is one powerful strain that will knock you off your feet. Whether you are looking for a mind-altering high or a deep body buzz, you are sure to enjoy this sweet cherry strain.