chem berry diesel seeds

Chem berry diesel seeds

It is easy to grow indoors and outdoors. During its vegetative phase it grows vigorously and branches well just like Strawberry Sour Diesel. Its lateral branches are long, but generally stay lower than the main cola. It responds well to pruning and training, as well as to crop optimisation techniques such as SOG, SCROG, mainlining etc.

Dark Horse Genetics has developed a highly potent strain, bringing the Chem and Strawberry families to another level, offering a strong psychoactive effect accompanied by a powerful fruity aroma enriched with Diesel notes resulting in a remarkable bouquet.

Its flowers are covered with THC-rich trichomes, always testing higher than 25% and even exceeding 32% THC, making it one of the most powerful Sativa-leaning hybrids of the moment.

This cross of Chem D x Strawberry Sour Diesel is high in THC, with plants testing at a maximum of 32% THC and a minimum of 25% THC. Don’t miss out on this potent and flavourful hybrid, available now as regular seeds at

Its flowering period lasts 63 days, after which time it will have expressed its full productive potential. Its big buds are fat and dense, giving a heavy yield of up to 600g per m2 in indoor cultivation and more than 1000g per plant when grown outdoors, where plants will mature in October.

Chem berry diesel seeds

Everything you need to know…

Let’s investigate this potent and overwhelming strain and find out if it is worth taking the risk and enjoying it, despite its huge concentration of THC.

Chem Berry D is an intense strain and definitely not one for casual smokers who are looking for a mild social strain to unwind with. However, for those with a high THC tolerance, Chem Berry D can produce some very rewarding effects that offer a long and enjoyable high.

Combined with its sense of euphoria, Chem Berry D can provide a few hours of pain-free bliss and a welcome break from the stress that comes with it. Chem Berry D can be particularly useful for treating chronic back pain and migraines, almost freeing you from the limits of your own body.

Medical Benefits of the Chem Berry D Strain

Outside harvesting times vary depending on your local climate, but you can generally expect a harvest during early fall.

Chem Berry D plants have a rather muted coloring, with the buds being a deep olive green color with a slight hint of yellow. This comes from the tiny, thin hairs that weave throughout the buds. The primary source of color comes from the dense layer of trichomes that covers the buds and give the plant an almost shiny appearance.

Chem Berry D cannabis has a high THC content with a massive recorded high of 32%.

What Is the Chem Berry D Strain?

The mental uplifting high quickly follows, causing you to feel calm and euphoric. It is also common to experience a heightened feeling of creativity. Chem Berry D is at its best in the early afternoon, as this gives you a chance to take full advantage of this sudden burst of creativity.

Occasional pruning and training can produce a slightly larger yield, although this is not a necessity. Chem Berry D plants can be harvested in as little as nine weeks when kept indoors and offer a sizable harvest given how little attention they require.