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30 Count – 30mg full spectrum CBD per gummy Our most popular full spectrum CBD now in a gummy. Enjoy the entourage effect and bold hemp flavor to amplifly the benefits of CBD. 30mg, lightly sprinkled with sugar natural strawberry flavor is meant to enhance, not mask, the bold hemp terpene flavor. Details: A flavorful way to experience all the health and wellness benefits of hemp-derived CBD supplements. Each portable bottle includes 30 delicious strawberry fruit-flavored gummy supplements containing a pre-measured 30mg serving of full spectrum CBD in each gummy.  CBDistillery's "Vegan" Gummies. Are you ready for a blissful night of slumber? The Gummies contain the combination of all of the health benefits of the highest quality, hemp-derived CBD with the calming, sedating properties of melatonin to bring you the perfect night time gummy. 30mg (THC Free) Gummies for the UK

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