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If you’re looking for specific, local relief, don’t rule out taking a CBD oil suppository rectally. The rectum is very close to sections of your spine that control your lower torso — meaning that anal suppositories might benefit the lower half of your body for pain, inflammation, tension, and even for sex. Want a lubricant that naturally makes anal sex more pleasurable? CBD oil may be the answer. Learn how to use CBD oil lubricant for better anal sex.

CBD for Pelvic Pain, Sciatica & More: How Rectal Suppositories Could Help

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re aware of the growing trend of putting CBD oil and cannabis-infused suppositories where the sun don’t shine. For many of us, putting things up our butts is a rare — or nonexistent — experience, especially since there are plenty of other ways to take CBD or THC.

But if you’re looking for specific, local relief, don’t rule out taking a suppository rectally. Not only is the rectum part of the digestive tract (a system that can benefit from cannabinoids), it’s also very close to sections of your spine that control your lower torso — meaning that anal or rectal suppositories might benefit the lower half of your body in unexpected ways. And for people who are intrigued by the sensual possibilities of anal play (but maybe a bit intimidated), the power of cannabinoids to relax muscles and soothe pain could make offer an additional route for sexual enhancement.

When Did People Start Putting Weed in Their Butts?

For decades, people in the medical cannabis community have endorsed taking suppositories rectally — particularly for cancer patients whose chemotherapy-induced nausea prevents oral administration.

Foria was the first company to promote vaginal use of cannabinoids for sexual pleasure and menstrual relief (at least in the modern world) and the effectiveness of that route got us curious about other routes for pleasure and pain relief, leading to our anal play suppository Explore .

But humans like to experiment, so we’ve subsequently heard about all sorts of other reasons people take our suppositories rectally :

Which all makes sense, given that cannabinoids have a surprising number of benefits — including being potent anti-inflammatory compounds. And rectal therapeutics have been embraced by our ancestors for thousands of years for treating pelvic ailments: Egyptian scrolls from 1500 BC describe over 700 herbal medications that were applied rectally .

All this might leave you wondering whether you’ve been missing out if you haven’t explored the therapeutic upsides of going this route. So instead of leaving you to explore in the dark, we’re shedding some light on the science behind anal suppositories. Read on to learn about the many ways medicine — and CBD suppositories — can accomplish wonders when you let them in the back door.

Drugs in Your Derriere: What Happens?

When molecules enter your body via the back door, their final destination depends entirely on their chemical properties.

For instance, alcohol and very water-soluble medications can easily pass across rectal tissue into the bloodstream, which gives them very quick access to your body. This is why vodka-enemas and cocaine-smuggling can be incredibly dangerous — rectal delivery of toxic drugs skips over your body’s emergency eject function (aka vomiting).

However, not all molecules travel so efficiently — if at all — into your bloodstream. The larger the molecule and the less water-soluble it is, the more likely it will stick around locally and diffuse into the surrounding tissues, which are full of welcoming fatty lipids. Instead of circulating through your bloodstream and affecting the entire body, these larger molecules have much more localized effects in the pelvis.

That’s why, compared with oral drugs & medicines, most medical suppositories provide relief to the pelvic region and digestive tract while producing fewer full-body side effects . Anti-inflammatories, anesthetics and anti-tumor drugs are currently used in medical suppositories for:

CBD & THC: Why They’re Not Like a Vodka Enema

Cannabinoids like CBD oil and THC don’t dissolve into water (they’re hydro-phobic ). Instead, they dissolve more easily in oils (they’re fat-soluble ). This is the reason that cannabis & hemp extracts usually come in a fat like coconut oil, hemp seed oil, or butter — and why our CBD Suppositories are made with cocoa butter.

Despite their rich history and therapeutic potential, modern research into the behavior of rectally-delivered cannabinoids is lacking. To the best of our knowledge, only one study has tested whether or not cannabinoids from fat-based suppositories reach the bloodstream. When monkeys were given high doses of THC in an oil-based suppository, it only reached the bloodstream if it was first chemically modified (into THC hemisuccinate ).

However, the science is far from settled, and everyone’s body is unique. Cannabis doctors have told us about patients experiencing full body effects from rectal suppositories, and we’ve found that some of our customers report a full-body effect after using our suppositories, which only contain natural cannabinoids in organic cocoa butter.

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Whether you experience this or not, current evidence suggests that rectal cannabinoids are mostly going to stay within the tissues of the pelvis. So, what’s in the neighborhood?

Quite a lot, actually.

The Anal Landscape

If you’re already familiar with anal anatomy, feel free to skip ahead, but this amazing transition zone between the internal and external world deserves a proper introduction.

The back door — your anus — opens into the anal canal. This narrow canal is typically 1-1.5 inches long and contains sphincter muscles that regulate what goes in and out.

Past the gates of the anal canal is the rectum, a stretchy passageway about 5 inches long. This section of the digestive tract serves as a temporary storage facility for whatever travels out of — or into — the back door.

When the rectum is full, the sensation of being stretched tells your body to either send the contents out through the anus or back up into the colon if possible. The colon is lined with sponge-like tissue that absorbs water (which is why a long-delayed bowel movements can lead to constipation).

Surrounding the anal canal and rectum are some very “sacred” parts of our bodies. The lowest region of the spinal cord is here — the sacrum — and it’s the root source of many sensations that occur in the pelvis and legs.

Directly opposite the sacrum (on the other side of the rectum) are organs that can bring us intense pleasure or pain: the vagina and uterus (for females), or the prostate and bladder (for males).

Suppository Effects

When you insert a little rocket-shaped suppository and let the cocoa butter slowly melt, the tissues lining your rectum and anal canal become coated with cannabinoid-packed oil. From this oil, CBD and/or THC slowly diffuse into and throughout the surrounding tissues. Where do these molecules end up, if not the bloodstream?

The nerves in the pelvic region carry a variety of signals & sensations. Not only do they carry signals from your anus to the decision-making headquarters of the central nervous system, they also carry messages back to the muscles and glands of the pelvic region, based on how your nervous system interprets these sensations.

Sensations experienced throughout the pelvis contribute to both “felt” sensations (tactile & structural), as well as subconscious perceptions of well-being. Many sensations felt in your anal canal & rectum can feed directly into your “fight-or-flight” response or its opposing “rest-and-digest” response (through the sympathetic nervous system or the parasympathetic nervous system, respectively). Together, these alert/relax signals help your body to coordinate when to get sexually aroused, when to digest — or when to temporarily halt these functions and panic .

Where cannabinoids fit in: It’s not so much that cannabis & hemp suppositories make you feel “good,” but rather they make you feel “not bad” — soothing the nerves that perceive pain. Research has found that both CBD and THC help decrease the sensation of pain through nerve receptors TRPV1 and CB1 , respectively. When bad sensations in your pelvis go away, it leaves room for you to feel more of what’s good.

Contracted Muscles

The pelvic region is packed with important muscles that cannabinoids can influence.

Ringing your anal canal are two sphincter muscles — one that you control, and the other that is told by the parasympathetic nervous system when to “let go.” Further upstream, the puborectalis muscle tugs right where your anal canal and rectum meet, which creates another barrier between your rectum and the back door. (This is also why many people love squatty potties: when you squat, this muscle tends to relax!)

If you want things to painlessly enter or exit your rectum, the puborectalis muscle and both sphincters need to relax together. And because two of these muscles are controlled by your subconscious, you can’t simply will this relaxation to happen. This is why most tutorials on anal sex focus first on spending time fostering feelings of comfort & safety.

Looking at the bigger picture, these muscles belong to the pelvic floor — a group of muscles you might already be familiar with. Collectively, the pelvic floor supports pelvic organs and helps maintain continence. While kegel exercises focus on strengthening the pelvic floor, many people actually suffer from pelvic floor muscles that are too tight, which can cause painful sex, urinary problems, or even pinched nerves (as in some cases of sciatica).

Where cannabinoids fit in: Many people who try cannabis suppositories rectally are surprised by how relaxed their pelvic muscles become and — more specifically — how much easier anal play becomes or how much their period cramps subside . As discussed above, CBD and THC desensitize pain receptors, which could help your nervous system relax and ease muscle contractions. Additionally, when skeletal muscles (ie pelvic muscles) are bathed in cannabinoids, they’re physically unable to hold as much tension . Some men report that rectal suppositories help to increase penile bloodflow, helping with the ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

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Immune Cells & Inflamed Tissues

For some of us, pelvic inflammation can ravage our daily lives. Hemorrhoids or digestive disorders often coincide with inflammation in the anal canal or rectum. Other sources of inflammation in the pelvis can include arthritis, physical injuries and the ups and downs of the menstrual cycle. And inflammation can actually pinch nerve roots within the spinal cord, setting off downstream health conditions like sciatica.

But most of your pelvic region is buried within your body, so how can you know if you suffer from inflammation? Stiffness or pain could be an indication that your immune system is working overtime. Temporary inflammation from injuries, overuse or painful periods can be treated at home, but if you suffer from chronic pelvic inflammation, consult with a medical professional. Why?

In addition to diagnosing potential conditions like endometriosis, a doctor can assess whether chronic inflammation should be treated to prevent future health problems. For instance, inflammatory bowel disease increases a person’s susceptibility to diseases like colorectal cancer .

A 2012 study on colitis (an inflammatory colon condition) showed that mice receiving rectal CBD experienced greater relief than with oral dosage.

Because internal inflammation and swelling are sensed by your subconscious (through the autonomic nervous system), don’t be surprised if you experience an overall increased sense of wellbeing.

CBD suppositories may also relieve pains you’ve been ignoring — it might be useful to tune in to how your pelvis feels once the CBD wears off. This practice could help you pinpoint trouble zones and muscular imbalances that a massage therapist or physical therapist could help you with in the future.

Rectal? Or Vaginal?

As a note to those with vaginas: You might want to experiment to see if Foria suppositories are more effective at relieving pelvic issues when taken rectally versus vaginally. For period cramps, the back door is a great option if you’re currently experiencing a flow and have… obstacles in the way.

If you’re using suppositories for sexual enhancement & relaxation, be aware that oil-based suppositories and lubricants are not compatible with latex condoms.

What to Expect

If this is your first time trying a cannabis suppository, there’s a chance you’re worried about potential cognitive side effects. Although most people who use our CBD suppositories do not experience a strong “high,” we do occasionally hear from people who end up feeling mildly “elevated” or deeply relaxed.

Because the release of cannabinoids from cocoa butter is low and slow, you might feel the effects for a day or more — which is almost universally regarded as an upside for CBD suppository users. Although Foria suppositories are molded for single-use application, feel free to experiment first with smaller doses by cutting off a small amount and re-shaping it (and then firming it in the refrigerator).

Do our suppositories help you with something we forgot to mention? We’d love to hear about it!

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How to Use CBD Oil for Awesome Anal Sex

Are you looking to take your anal sex to the next level? Well, then you’ve come to the right place.

CBD lubricant is a natural way to give you the relaxed yet spicy sexual experience you’ve been looking for. And with its many benefits, you’ll be glad you tried it.

But the real question is, how do you use it? Keep reading to learn what it is and how to use CBD oil for the most pleasurable experience possible.

What Is CBD?

Before you put anything on or in your body, you should know what it is.

CBD (or cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring chemical in the marijuana or hemp plant. But unlike the other chemical in cannabis, THC, it does not have any psychoactive properties. So in other words, CBD alone won’t get you high.

It is most well known for its healing properties and is used in a variety of products such as tea, creams, gummies, and of course oils. It’s known to balance the body, relieve stress, boost your mood, improve circulation, relax your muscles, and reduce anxiety or depression.

All About CBD Lubricant

There is a wide range of CBD lubricants to choose from. Kush Queen, Ignite CBD Lube, Unbound Dazy, Infinite CBD Big Bang, Ananda Hemp Bliss, and Privy Beach are all great choices.

Other lubes on the market such as numbing anal creams can be really bad for your body and are often full of chemicals that can cause long-term damage. Not only this but these lubes can also decrease your enjoyment because you are lacking any sensation.

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CBD lubricant will actually do the opposite and increase your sensation. This can make for even more intense orgasms too!

However, it is also important to note that not all CBD lubricants on the market are good for you. Make sure to look at the ingredients before you put something on your body. Avoid products that contain ingredients such as glycerin, parabens, or nonoxynol-9.

But all-natural brands (like the ones listed above!) won’t harm your body.

It’s also good to know that if you are looking to use a condom during anal sex, oil is not your friend. Oil-based lubes are not ideal as they can often cause the latex to break down. So if you’re looking to use a condom, try a water-based CBD lubricant instead.

And before using this product, it’s advisable to ask a doctor about it, or at least make sure it won’t negatively interact with any other medications you take.

Why Choose CBD Oil?

There are lots of reasons to choose this lubricant.

If you need a little extra help loosening your body, this could be the product for you. Before anal sex, the internal anal sphincter can be a little too tight for anything to penetrate it. It’s natural! CBD has muscle relaxing properties, so after applying it, insertion won’t be as painful when you start having sex.

If you also have trouble mentally relaxing before sex, give it a try.

Anxiety is never fun to deal with, especially in the bedroom. But CBD can help get you out of your head and into your body, letting you and your partner enjoy each other a bit better. And while this isn’t a miracle product that will completely get rid of your worries, it can help you relax a lot faster than usual.

This oil can also help bring down inflammation in the intestinal tract and the rectum. For this reason, it is often used by those who have illnesses that make anal sex painful such as IBS or hemorrhoids. So if you suffer from these ailments, CBD oil can help reduce pain and irritation during and even after sex.

How To Use CBD Oil

Using CBD oil lubricant for anal sex is like using other lubes. It’s all about being smart and safe to have the best time! And with anal sex, it’s all about going slowly and making sure you and your partner are on the same page.

In general, using lube for anal sex is super important, as the rectum doesn’t secrete a natural lubricant like the vagina does. And if you don’t use it, you could be looking at tears in the anal tissue.

You want to start by putting lube on the rectum and anything that is being inserted into it. Fingers, toys, plugs, what have you, all of it should be lubed up. You don’t need that much, so start with a dime-sized amount and add more if needed. You don’t want to turn the bedroom into a slip and slide!

Put a bit of lube inside yourself too for the most seamless insertion. This will help to prevent any irritation and make your butt feel ready to go.

You also want to give it a little time to absorb into the body and take effect, so apply it before you’re ready to start having sex. However, because the anus has lots of mucous membranes, it absorbs the lube pretty quickly. So waiting about 10 to 15 minutes should do the trick.

Pro tip: check to see if your lube has an expiration date and be sure to use it before then.

Now Go Enjoy Some Anal Sex

Now you know how to use CBD oil and have awesome anal sex. It will relax you and give you the pleasurable experience you’ve been dreaming of. You and your partner will definitely be glad you tried it.

Check out our store for sex toys, lingerie, or any other CBD products you may need to give your sex life a boost!

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