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A 2018 study observed that cannabidiol (CBD) reduced alcohol consumption and alcohol-induced relapse in mice models. Published Via 11Press: Offers Name: CBD GummiesOffers Type: CandiesCategory: CBD GummiesSave: 299.88 (Mega Discount Pack)Official Website: Check Out Now Best… Alcohol and CBD affect your body in different ways. Learn more about each product and what happens when they're mixed here.

CBD for Alcoholism – August 2022

A 2018 study found in the journal Addiction Biology stated that the use of CBD might be promising in treating alcohol use disorders (4) .

The research conducted on rodents revealed that CBD reduced alcohol consumption and alcohol-induced relapse in the test subjects.

Another study led by Gustavo Gonzalez-Cuevas of the Scripps Research Institute and published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology reported that CBD may have positive effects on rodents with alcohol and cocaine self-administration histories (5) .

The researchers found that CBD reduced drug-seeking without sedative effects, tolerance, or interference with normal motivated behavior.

The authors also observed that CBD attenuated anxiety and prevented high impulsivity in rats with a history of alcohol dependence . They concluded that CBD may be promising in relapse prevention. While the CBD administration was only for a week, the test subjects felt the positive effects for five months.

A 2019 review of preclinical and human research suggested that CBD might reduce alcohol consumption and protect against the harmful effects of alcohol , like liver and brain damage (6) .

A study found in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology outlined CBD ’s purported protection against alcohol-related liver and brain damage in animal models (7) .

According to the researchers, CBD ’s supposed liver-protective properties include contributing to the reduction of lipid (fat) accumulation, modulation of inflammation, attenuation of oxidative stress , and induction of the death of activated hepatic stellate cells.

Hepatic stellate cells help the liver respond to injuries and heal damages (8) . Their activation may lead to hepatic fibrosis, the excessive wound-healing that can result in the buildup of connective tissues (9) .

The study also reported that CBD prevented the loss of neurons (brain cells) through its antioxidant and immunomodulatory effects (10) .

A systematic review was conducted on eight rodent studies, three human research literature, and one study using cell culture to evaluate CBD ’s potential as a therapy for alcohol use disorder (11) .

In the studies involving mice and cell culture, the researchers observed that CBD exhibited neuroprotective properties against alcohol damage to the hippocampus.

They also noted that CBD reduced alcohol-induced liver damage and steatosis in rodent models. Steatosis is the retention of lipids in the liver, which could be detrimental to one’s health.

The researchers reported that CBD reduced alcohol self-administration , withdrawal-induced convulsions, alcohol-seeking, and impulsive discounting of delayed rewards in the mice test subjects. They concluded that CBD is well-tolerated in humans.

While most studies were done on animal models, the findings may be helpful for future studies and clinical trials on humans.

How CBD Oil Works to Alleviate Symptoms of Alcoholism

In a 2018 animal study , researchers gave increasing doses of CBD (30, 60, and 120mg of CBD per kilogram of the test subjects’ weight) to mice to assess the effects on the animals’ motivation for drinking alcohol . The mice had to press a lever to access 36ml of ethanol (12) .

According to the researchers, this method helped evaluate motivation to drink alcohol because the test subjects had to exert effort (press the lever) to be able to consume alcohol.

The researchers found that CBD administration decreased alcohol preference (from 75% to 55%) and intake (from 6g of pure ethanol per kilogram of the test subjects’ body weight daily to 3.5g of ethanol per kilogram of the mice’s weight every day).

Even when the researchers increased the requirement to get alcohol to three lever presses, they observed that CBD administration reduced the active lever presses.

The researchers believe that these CBD -induced effects are associated with changes in the gene expression of critical targets closely related to alcohol use disorder .

Among the key targets are the endocannabinoid system’s (ECS) cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1 receptor ) and cannabinoid receptor 2 ( CB2 receptor ).

The authors noted that a single administration of CBD when the test subjects were taking alcohol decreased the expression of CB1 receptors in the brain and increased CB2 receptor expression.

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for several body functions, including memory, pain perception, appetite, and mood (13) .

Cannabinoids , or compounds that help the ECS with these vital functions, interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors .

CBD may help with specific alcohol withdrawal symptoms . These disorders include anxiety, nausea and vomiting, and insomnia (14) .

Recent studies have reported that CBD might be anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing).

A study done on mice has shown CBD ’s anxiety-reducing and antidepressant properties (15) .

Another study in 2019 concluded that CBD might have a calming effect on the nervous system. Results showed that the substance reduced anxiety disorder and improved sleep (16) .

CBD may also help with nausea and vomiting because of its antiemetic (nausea-reducing) properties (17) .

The Pros and Cons of CBD Oil for Alcoholism

The Pros

  • Human and animal studies have shown the potential benefits of CBD in treating alcohol abuse .
  • CBD has a favorable safety profile (18) . Thus , individuals may use it safely for alcohol addiction .
  • CBD does not exhibit effects associated with drug abuse (19) . Hence, the substance abuse of CBD is highly unlikely.
  • CBD may help manage some hangover symptoms, like nausea (20) . Thus, CBD may benefit those who want to stop drinking.

The Cons

  • More research on CBD and human alcoholism is warranted.
  • Researchers have reported the side effects of CBD , including tiredness, diarrhea, and changes in weight or appetite (21) .
  • The United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA ) has not approved CBD as a treatment option for binge drinking and alcoholism.
  • A study showed that CBD mixed with alcohol did not have significant interactions (22) . However, combining the two substances is still not recommended until further research has been conducted.

How CBD Oil Compares to Alternative Treatments for Alcoholism

Chamomile tea is being used for its benefits on addiction recovery. The herb may help with insomnia of people in recovery (23) .

Dandelions may also be useful as an herbal remedy as some individuals believe these plants are suitable for liver detoxification. However, dandelions may have harmful side effects , such as worsening acid indigestion symptoms and specific allergic reactions (24) .

Like chamomile tea, CBD may have health benefits that are good for sleep (25) .

Compared with dandelions, CBD also has therapeutic properties that may help the liver. A study found in the British Journal of Pharmacology reported that CBD restored liver function in mice models (26) .

CBD is generally safe to use (27) . Hence, individuals attending rehabilitation programs for their alcoholism may consider using the substance.

How to Choose the Right CBD for Alcoholism

There are three types of CBD oils : full-spectrum CBD oil , broad-spectrum , and CBD isolates.

Full-spectrum CBD contains all the phytocannabinoids from the Cannabis sativa plant, including less than 0.30% of tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC ), terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids, and essential oils.

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CBD products of this type are believed to be the most therapeutic because all the active ingredients synergize and create the entourage effect.

Still, they contain THC , which is the component of the cannabis plant that has mind-altering properties. Despite being available in trace amounts only, THC may be detected by some drug tests.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) under the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reported that marijuana ( THC ) use may precede abuse of other illicit substances, such as alcohol (28) . Hence, it may be best to avoid CBD products with THC .

NIH provides detailed information on marijuana on the agency’s website at https://nida.nih.gov.

Individuals diagnosed with alcoholism may use broad-spectrum CBD , which contains all the ingredients of a full-spectrum CBD product except THC . They may also use pure isolated cannabidiol , also known as CBD isolates.

CBD product prices may vary depending on the hemp source and CBD potency.

High-quality CBD products , specifically non-GMO, certified organic, and hemp-derived CBD , may be more expensive than low-grade ones. However, buyers are advised to use high-quality products from trusted and credible manufacturers only.

Buyers should also research the extraction process used for CBD products . They should avoid extraction methods that utilize harsh solvents.

Before buying a CBD product , buyers should check if it has a certificate of analysis (COA) or lab reports verifying its contents and claims.

When purchasing CBD online, buyers are encouraged to check reviews and read customer insights online. One good practice is to countercheck if a CBD manufacturer, especially those without brick-and-mortar stores, has been authorized to sell CBD products .

CBD Dosage for Alcoholism

There is a lack of a standard dosage chart for CBD use in treating alcoholism. Individuals should seek their healthcare provider’s approval before adding CBD to their alcoholism therapy.

It is recommended to begin with low-dose CBD . If consumers do not observe any adverse reactions, they may work up to a larger dose until the desired effects are achieved.

It is encouraged to keep a journal to record one’s reactions to the substance.

How to Take CBD for Alcoholism

There are several ways to take CBD for alcoholism.

CBD may be ingested as it is available in edible forms, such as gelcaps, pills, capsules, and gummies like CBD gummy bears .

Individuals interested in purchasing the best CBD gummies should consider reviewing CBD gummies reviews to determine whether this form of CBD helps with their needs.

CBD oil may be taken directly or mixed with food and beverages to mask CBD ’s natural grassy taste.

CBD tinctures (drops) may also be applied under the tongue (sublingually) for added efficacy.

CBD topicals, like lotions, ointments, salves, and balms, are also options. However, they may not be as effective for treating alcoholism.

CBD also comes in a vape pen format. However, recovering alcoholics should refrain from anything that could trigger alcohol cravings or relapse. Vaping or smoking may be one of them (29) .

Vaping may also cause lung problems in some individuals (30) .

Understanding Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a severe health issue. It is classified as the most severe form of alcohol abuse involving individuals’ inability to manage their drinking habits (31) .

It is also known as alcohol use disorder ( AUD ). There are three AUD categories, including mild, moderate, and severe.

AUD should be treated as soon as possible, as an individual may spiral out of control.

Alcoholism may also affect one’s emotional and mental health. If the individual does not stop drinking alcohol, it may also affect an individual’s quality of life and be detrimental to their personal and professional goals.

Common signs of alcoholism include (32) :

  • Inability to control alcohol consumption
  • Craving alcohol when an individual is not drinking
  • Neglecting personal responsibilities for alcohol
  • Feeling an insatiable need to drink more
  • Spending significant amounts of money on alcohol
  • Behaving differently after drinking

The most common reasons for drinking include (33) :

  • Relieving stress
  • A way to feel good
  • Coping with loss
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Filling a gap due to a lack of connection
  • Masking shame
  • Treating unresolved trauma

Alcoholism may also have short-term effects, including:

  • Reduced brain activity
  • Lowered inhibitions
  • Poor reflexes
  • Slow reaction time
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Blurry vision
  • Restlessness

Long-term effects may include:

  • Brain defects
  • Neurobiological diseases, like Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome
  • Liver diseases
  • Heart problems
  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Diabetes complications
  • Bone loss
  • Vision damage


CBD may have therapeutic benefits on alcoholism or the symptoms associated with alcoholism. Studies have shown that CBD has properties that may help lessen alcohol intake and relapse in animal models (34) .

CBD may also have promising effects on damage due to alcohol-related toxicity , such as neurodegeneration, brain damage, and liver injuries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers CBD well tolerated and with a good safety profile (35) . This profile may make it a safe option that may be added to the therapy of recovering alcoholics or individuals planning to treat their substance use disorder under a doctor’s supervision.

CBD brands claiming to sell the best CBD products often place a disclaimer stating that individuals should not use such products to treat diseases or medical conditions.

Before individuals consider adding CBD as a supplement to their alcoholism therapy and help promote well-being , they should first seek their doctor’s advice.

CBD Gummies Quit Drinking To Quit Smoking (Scam OR Legit)?

Our lives these days are filled with a lot of pressure and responsibilities. Surviving in this type of world is not easy because we have to deal with a lot of personal and professional problems. Living constantly under pressure adversely affects the working capacity of our brain. In various studies, it has been found that taking too much pressure can risk our lives. This pressure along with depression, stress, anxiety, and various other mental torments that deteriorate our well-being and make us the victims of various health issues. We must ensure that we are mentally fit to deal with our daily struggles. To stabilize our mental health and improve the functioning of our brain, we need a strong solution that helps our brain to work properly by providing it with all the necessary essential natural ingredients. One best remedy is CBD Gummies Quit Drinking, they are CBD-infused candies that help in restoring our health very quickly with the help of all-natural and herbal composition. They help in flushing all harmful microbes out of our bodies to make them stay fit and healthy.

What are CBD Gummies Quit Drinking?

These gummies work perfectly to heal the bodies of consumers from the inside. These gummies perform this task by supplying all the necessary nutrients to our ECS system so that it functions appropriately. They have a complete herbal formula, which contains natural and organic extracts only, this formula ensures that the bodies of consumers do not suffer from any negative effects even if they want to use these gummies for a prolonged period of time. These chewy gummies come in a variety of colors and flavors that make a consumer-friendly product. You can simply recover your health by chewing these candies as any other candies on a regular basis and say bye-bye to all your health issues instantly.

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What are the ingredients of CBD Gummies Quit Drinking?

All the ingredients used in the making of these gummies have been chosen with utmost precision by a panel of numerous health supplements. A product can only be useful for its customers if it treats the bodies of consumers with natural ingredients. We will never choose that might heal our bodies in the present but adversely affects our bodies in the long run. The same goes for these gummies, they not only provide our bodies with immediate relief from various health issues but also improve our well-being in the long run. The main component used in the making of these gummies is CBD that is taken from pure hemp and helps our bodies to recover naturally in a short period of time. All other ingredients used in the making of these gummies are as follows-

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Green tea extracts
  • Ginger extracts
  • Lavender oil
  • Vitamins and minerals

How do these gummies help our bodies to perform better?

We all know that all our bodily functions are controlled and regulated by our brain. Our brain with the support of the endocannabinoid or the ECS system controls the working of our whole body. These gummies improve the working of our ECS system by providing it with the proper nourishment so that its receptors can transfer various signals and commands of the ECS system efficiently to various parts of our bodies. If our ECS system will perform perfectly then all bodily functions will perform appropriately without facing any issues. You need to take these gummies regularly to enhance and promote the efficient functioning of our ECS system.

Advantages of using CBD Gummies Quit Drinking

  • Regular intake of CBD Gummies Quit Drinking will help our bodies to get rid of various mental torments our bodies face on a regular basis such as depression, stress, anxiety, and so on.
  • Regular intake of CBD Gummies Quit Drinking will help our bodies combat any infection easily because these gummies expand the number of white blood cells in our bodies.
  • You must take these gummies if you are suffering from various skin-related issues such as acne, blemishes, redness, and so on. With the regular use of CBD Gummies Quit Drinking, you will get clear and healthy skin.
  • Weight gain is the major health issue we all face as an adult because of our unhealthy food habits and intake of more fat content. You can easily reduce your body weight with the help of these gummies. They will help you to get in proper shape and will eliminate the unwanted fat content from your body.
  • Regular intake of these gummies has been found effective in curing people of the issue of insomnia. When we do not get proper rest then we witness sleepless nights on a regular basis. To regulate your sleeping patterns, use CBD Gummies Quit Drinking on a daily basis.
  • CBD Gummies Quit Drinking will improve the circulation of blood in your body and help you to regulate your blood pressure so that you do not suffer from any major health issues.
  • Regular intake of these gummies helps in fixing our sugar levels so that we do not suffer from diabetes or any other health issues.

Instructions to take CBD Gummies Quit Drinking

  1. Follow all the protocols and guidelines as mentioned by the maker.
  2. You just need to take two gummies each day.
  3. The perfect time to take these gummies depends on you, either take one in the morning and one in the evening or as per your need.
  4. Do not take more than 2 gummies in a single day.
  5. Chew them properly before you swallow them.
  6. Regular intake of these gummies is a prerequisite to get the best results.

An overview of CBD Gummies Quit Drinking

Name- CBD Gummies Quit Drinking

Work- curing various health issues

Results- In a few days

Dosage- Two gummies each day

Availability- On the official website

Customer’s Feedback

  1. Angelia Gomez- I have been using these gummies for the past 1 year and never faced a single issue because of them. These gummies helped me to improve my mental health naturally. I recommend them to all those people who want to enhance their health naturally.
  1. Whitney Adams- I am loving the results I have got from the regular use of these gummies. They helped me a lot to improve my overall well-being naturally with the help of natural and herbal ingredients. You can also give them a try and see their amazing results in just a few days.

Where can you purchase CBD Gummies Quit Drinking?

Please visit the official website of these gummies to purchase these gummies. On their official page, you will see a link to a form, to place an order, you just need to fill this form with all your essential details. After you complete these steps, your order will be placed and will be sent to your given address in 2-3 working days. For further queries, please contact the customer care cell of these gummies.

Final words on CBD Gummies Quit Drinking

CBD Gummies Quit Drinking can be the best option for you to stay fit and healthy without any presence of any health issues. They will help you to get a healthy body and a healthy mind so that you can perform any task with 100% efficiency. Make sure you are taking these tasty gummies on a regular basis to get the maximum benefits.

CBD And Alcohol: What Happens When You Mix Them?

Lenore Cangeloso is a board-certified acupuncturist and herbal medicine practitioner based in Oregon.

Commissions we earn from partner links on this page do not affect our opinions or evaluations. Our editorial content is based on thorough research and guidance from the Forbes Health Advisory Board.

Table of Contents

  • CBD and Alcohol in the Body
  • What Can Happen When You Mix CBD and Alcohol?
  • CBD as a Potential Treatment for Alcohol Addiction
  • Is It Safe to Consume CBD and Alcohol Together?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a popular compound found in hemp plants that can potentially help alleviate anxiety, improve sleep and relieve pain, along with other purported benefits. In a recent Forbes Health ​​survey of 2,000 U.S. adults conducted by OnePoll, 60% of respondents said they’ve tried a CBD product, and 64% think CBD is safer than alcohol.

CBD can be derived from both hemp and cannabis sativa plants, the latter of which also contains detectable amounts of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9 THC). Delta-9 THC is the main component of cannabis that causes intoxicatingly psychoactive effects.

Research regarding what happens when humans consume CBD and alcohol together is sparse. As a result, consumers generally have access to limited information when deciding whether to mix CBD and alcohol.

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CBD and Alcohol in the Body

Alcohol and CBD affect your body in different ways, although consuming either substance can result in similar effects, such as sleepiness or sedation.

When you drink alcohol, it enters your bloodstream quickly, and its effects can occur within ten minutes. Alcohol affects the way your brain functions, potentially impairing coordination and your ability to think clearly and altering both mood and behavior.

Depending on the amount you consume, alcohol can affect your speech, memory and judgment. Drinking alcohol can also affect your balance, raising the risk of falls and other injuries.

Unlike alcohol, CBD doesn’t contain intoxicating properties. Instead, CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which comprises receptors throughout your body—particularly the central nervous system—to produce a variety of potential effects, including:

  • A calming of the central nervous system
  • A reduction in anxiety symptoms
  • Improvement in sleep quality
  • A decrease in chronic pain symptoms

With that said, some of the effects can be less desirable, including:

  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Sedation
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Lightheadedness
  • Vomiting

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

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  • Certified organic, USA grown and U.S. Hemp Authority Certified
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil is derived from premium hemp extract

What Can Happen When You Mix CBD and Alcohol?

With limited research available on potential interactions between alcohol and CBD, the effects of mixing the two substances is unclear. Potential interactions are also subject to variables, such as how much of each you consume and the amount of THC present in the CBD product, says John Mendelson, M.D., chief medical officer and founder of San Francisco-based Ria Health, which offers a medicine-based approach to drinking moderation and alcohol abstinence.

Depending on the amount, THC may interact with alcohol when you drink, says Dr. Mendelson. However, not enough research exists to know how THC in CBD products may interact with alcohol.

“The 0.3% THC allowed in hemp-derived CBD products can go up to amounts in the final product that may cause an interaction,” says Eloise Theisen, a nurse practitioner and the chief nursing officer at Leaf411, an online consumer resource on how to use cannabis safely and effectively. “We see levels of 1 to 4 milligrams of THC in some concentrated hemp CBD products.”

THC amounts in CBD are limited by the federal Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (Farm Bill of 2018) to 0.3% by dry weight to avoid being classified as cannabis, a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act. THC levels are often listed on a CBD product’s certificate of analysis (COA), which is typically made available on the manufacturer’s website.

However, CBD products are not regulated by the FDA, so you’re relying on the manufacturer’s claims and third-party laboratory test results to determine amounts of THC present in specific CBD products. Only Epidiolex, a prescription drug used to treat certain types of seizure disorders, has been approved by the FDA.

Ideally, it’s best to buy CBD that contains the lowest amount of THC to avoid alcohol and THC interactions, says Dr. Mendelson. When choosing a CBD product, check the label and the lot number’s COA to find the amount of THC present in the product.

“Dose will be the most important thing,” says Dr. Mendelson. “If someone stays within the recommended alcohol consumption amounts of one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men and a small dose of CBD at the manufacturer’s recommended level, there should be no significant reactions one way or another.”

Potential Harmful Effects of Using CBD and Alcohol Together

“I strongly advise my patients against consuming alcohol and cannabis together, whether it’s CBD or THC, since you can feel a stronger effect from both when using alcohol,” says Theisen.

Side effects depend on several factors, including the amount of alcohol, the CBD dose and the amount of THC present in the CBD product. Combining alcohol and CBD may cause drowsiness, impaired coordination and, in rare cases, vomiting, says Theisen.

Combining CBD and alcohol could also potentially increase the effects of the alcohol, causing the person to feel drunk or impaired faster, says Theisen.

“If someone took CBD in the morning to help with their anxiety and wanted to have a drink or two in the evening, that [combination] hasn’t been shown to be problematic,” says Theisen. “Taking them concurrently is where I get concerned because of potential side effects—whether from the alcohol or even the CBD.”

CBD as a Potential Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

So far, studies on CBD use with the goal of reducing alcohol cravings and relapses are based mainly on responses or interactions in rodents rather than humans, says Theisen.

“That doesn’t mean we haven’t seen some observational case reports where people have been able to use cannabis successfully to reduce their alcohol intake, cravings or relapses,” says Theisen. “However, in terms of actual data, it’s only in animals. But that data is promising.”

One study in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research used rats bred selectively for high alcohol preference and consumption and found that when the rats received a low dose of CBD, the number of times they pushed levers that delivered alcohol decreased [1] Maccioni P, Bratzu J, Carai M. Reducing Effect of Cannabidiol on Alcohol Self-Administration in Sardinian Alcohol-Preferring Rats. Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research. 2020; 7(2):161-169. .

Meanwhile, consuming CBD alone may help alleviate the reasons some people drink, such as anxiety, insomnia, pain and post-traumatic stress, says Theisen.

“When I’m assessing a patient who is drinking a lot of alcohol, I always want to know why that is,” says Theisen. “Is it because they’re anxious? Are they using it to help with their pain or sleep? Sometimes we can reduce their alcohol intake by treating those conditions with CBD instead.”

Build Better Drinking Habits

Sunnyside uses a psychology-based approach to help you drink more mindfully, no matter what your goal is. You’ll get a 100% custom plan, then use daily texts to track your progress and help you stay on target.

Is It Safe to Consume CBD and Alcohol Together?

Moderation is key to safety when consuming both CBD and alcohol, says Dr. Mendelson, who doesn’t recommend mixing the two substances due to the possible side effect of drowsiness, which could create a safety hazard while driving, operating machinery or working with kitchen equipment.

With that said, what little research exists on mixing alcohol and CBD is based mainly on studies of rodents rather than humans. As a result, it’s still unclear whether it’s safe to consume CBD and alcohol together.

Forbes Health covers CBD and cannabis products in accordance with FTC guidelines. Learn more about Forbes Health’s practices and policies regarding how we cover CBD and cannabis as a publisher.

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