cannabis grow tents for sale uk

Your grow tents will require exhaust, ventilation, and cord ducts (for electrical fittings). The tents should have at least one or two of these depending on the size of the tent. Your grow tent MUST have a flood tray, and if it’s made of the same reflective material as the interior tent walls, the better. This flood tray traps debris like grow media as well as water and soil and can easily be removed.

The grow tent is made from reflective and sturdy tear-proof mylar material. A glance at this Apollo Horticulture grow tent immediately shows off the quality of the product. Its double stitching adds credence to the aesthetics of the tent. Little wonder it’s highly sought after.

Aside from the materials used, you should also take the zipper quality into consideration. Look for growing tents that have heavy-duty zippers as these tend to last longer. It also helps make the tent lightproof.

Observation Window

The thickness of the material makes the tent rip and heat resistant. With the amount of light inside the tent, a thick tent material is necessary. It is also pertinent to note that the thickness of the material used for an outdoor grow tent may be slightly higher than the one for a tent used inside the house.

If you intend to grow different plants in one grow tent, we suggest getting a chambered tent. However, if you have enough space in your grow room, it won’t hurt to have another tent in the room for growing a different plant.

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We saw this insightful size guide from Hydrobuilder.

Ducts, Flood Tray, and Tool Pockets & Net Trellis

For growers who intend to use 1000W lights, a height of 7′ is recommended.

However, not all manufacturers include it in the tent package. You can purchase one for your tent if need be.

Cannabis grow tents for sale uk

Rimarup grow tentgood for someone really serious about indoor growing

Best grow tent reviews- here are our picks for the best grow tents at the present time:

PRO TIP: Some grow tents aren’t capable of handling the size LED light you may want. That’s why I picked you the Marshydro as this is a complete kit with a big light suitable for almost any application as well as ventilation for serious indoor growing!

How to choose the best grow tent for your needs

Let me first just point out the few things where the lower cost can be seen, and then we’ll move onto the positives. There is some slight light leakage from the zip. It isn’t terrible, but it is there due to the stitching not being the highest quality around those parts. The same type of stitching is around the viewing window too, but there weren’t any problems there on the model that I played around with.